Keep seeing this bloggy thing ’bout racism.Well the Laird wonders…….If racism is being proud of my homeland and waving the flag then….maybe. If it is resenting the immigrants who took over a quiet working class street in my hometown and opened drug dens and brothels,driving away the english,irish,polish ukrainian and west indian residents, then …maybe. If it is detesting the african "elite" who have stached away thousands  of millions of pounds in Swiss bank accounts ,while there people starve to death……then maybe. If it is disbelief in those who prefer to to turn a blind eye when ordinary folk see," the growth of positive forces acting against integration, of vested interests in the preservation and sharpening of racial and RELIGIOUS differences, with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population, "then…..maybe. If a racist objected to US forces literally frying men women and children with nalpalm bombs in Viet Nam…..them maybe.  If wondering what the difference is between a Russian Wall in berlin and an Israeli wall in palastine is ….then maybe. Finally if being sickened  seeing hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans having there homes demolished by a psycopathic president is racist then yes maybe I am…    

4 thoughts on “RACIST,WHO IS A RACIST?

  1. Hi There..great Space… A Knights Tale…now seen it at least 100 times..know the script off by heart..(to the great annoyance of others)…Rebecca – EXCELLENT!!! a person with taste..I haven\’t fully read your spacce yet but I will add you to my faves so\’s I can do so at my leisure….feel free to visit mine anytime and tell me what you think..

  2. Hiya..thanks for visiting my space.. 🙂 i love the film \’Rebecca\’ with old Laurence in it… and i love \’Wuthering Heights\’ too..im an old romantic but proud of it! I mainly stopped by to say that I did not state in my blog about wot woman want, that you will keep the woman if you follow those instructions, but that you will make her fall in love with you!! lol….the HARD PART is keeping the love alive, and I would say that one must start as they mean to go on in the romance dpt!! So maybe you gave up doing those things that you did in the beginning and that is where you came a cropper?Anyway good luck in love and life and keep up the good work on ya space…regards, suzie

  3. Really makes one think I agree……Racism is a funny business anyway and can be constrewed by some for their own benefit as you point out. Keep the flag flying on Glencairn Castle. Cybergran xx

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