My problems are so insignificant…..

The chief accountant and the head buyer are at loggerheads,[somewhere near Blackpool I think],there seems to be less £££££££ coming in than going out.3 months ago the microwave blew up,last month I replaced the 18 year old lounge carpet and now the B****Y fridge in the f/freezer has given up on me. Not when it was empty – no. Full of Monday’s shopping! Anyone know how to make cheese from a smelly 4 pint carton of milk? You can only eat so much yogurt in a day ….so I have discovered. It will be 5 – 10 days b4 the new arrives. Yesterday I attended a pub lunch in my local – put on by one of my peers. I.E.old bloke like me! They are all official pensioners of the realm, making me the youngest attendee.After a couple of beef sarnies and a pint or two of ale they set to putting the world to rights….This made me think….but we had our chance to do just that, and call me cynical if you want,but I don’t think we have made a good job of it. The generation before us defeated the evil japanese and hitlers meglomaniacs. But what can my Grandchildren thank my generation for?
 I think this whilst being concerned about my daughter and the baby’s wellbeing – they may have to induce the baby instead of waiting til September.
 I ponder a blog,not the usual pretty fairies and soppy adolecent poems, a teenager whose Mother has just died and must move to another part of the country and start life anew.  How daunting. Then I smile at someone taking a shower watched by a variety of spiders! 
Then I know my problems are SO insignificant..    

One thought on “My problems are so insignificant…..

  1. Hi Laird, Sorry to hear your Daughter having problems I\’m thinking of you all and hoping it all ends well!!!! You are dead right about us being to blame for the mess we are in…..the ones to blame are the bra burning, free love single mothers of the pill taking 60s……it was more important to get the notches on your headboard and worry about what all this "Free Love and Politically Correct Insipid Society". So the Anti\’s of everything have been able to live and breed their evil amongst our young especially once the threat of the Cold War subsided. We need CND in reverse lol to put us back on the road to GREAT BRITAIN.

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