Coffee time again – really must get myself off caffiene ! England cricketer’s are proceeding well and today is the start of the footy season. World cup next year…
Anthony has won BB – surprising seeing as he was the only contestant near to normality in the house.
A tv programme earlier in the week made me wonder….Does the pilot of every ‘plane in the us have to ensure he has at least one weirdo,one black,one white,one yellow,one brown,one female, one pregnant female  and one potential psycho passenger before he is allowed to take off?? The best series in 20 years from across the pond was POINT PLEASANT and that was banned after 4 episodes. A pilot that was not allowed to take off because it met none of the above criteria ?
In a way I am not too bothered about this weekends rain – means there is a better chance of good weather when I visit the white rose county town next weekend.
Not sure I am looking forward to this monday. 
I am still amazed and angry at the amount of abuse heaped on bloggers who have original views. Not constructive arguments you understand, just innane fings wot dey put 4 der m8s tu laff at. I may not always agree with some of the blogs but I hope they continue to expand their views and are not too intimidated by the ignorant. 

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  1. it\’s the ignorant who are intimidated therefore becoming bullies….My dad is ignorand and bigoted AND a bloody bully

  2. Hi There…..Thanks for visiting enjoyed your comments .. Yours is a good amusing read again……know what you mean about the immature bloggs……at least we know they will grow out of it in about 50 years time………….look i did!!!!!!!

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