I have been asked to summerise my objections to this form of electricity production. So as briefly as possible without making it, I hope, too much of a rant here goes! 1 The mining and handling of uranium,which incidently is non renewable, is a risky business. Radiation leaks can occur. How much energy wealth is wasted in the extraction,processing and transportation process? Construction costs of a nuclear plant, per unit of electricity produced, are 400% higher than conventional plants. 2 Nuclear plants produce radioactive water and gases. This deadly concoction if released causes major health risks locally and countrywide. Large numbers of "accidents" at sellafield, hinckley and dungeness have been hidden from public scrutiny. Do the public in Nottinghamshire and "Nuclear free" Derbyshire ever think how the radioactive waste gets from Sizewell in Suffolk or Dungeness in Kent to Sellafield in Cumbria? Well, just look at the main rail routes which go through both counties! 8% of the power produced is used by the plant itself – over 50% more than a conventional plant. Actual operating costs are far higher than has been admitted. At chernobyl in 1986 a reactor went out of control causing an explosion which blew off the 1000 ton reactor sealing cap. Uranium rods melted and the graphite covering the reactor ignited. Radioactive products were released during the meltdown and were sucked up into the atmosphere. Some of this toxic poison was deposited in this country, animals grazing in parts of cumbria are still not sold to the public. http://www.chernobyl.info/index.php?userhash=10767129&navID=2&lID=2 Doubling this countries nuclear capacity to 28, yes 28, new power stations will only REDUCE greenhouse gas emissions by 8%. 3 The permanent storage of waste radioactive fuel will be toxic for centuries and the handling and disposal is an important environmental issue. The cost is measured in BILLIONS of pounds. Think how that could be better spent on medical research,building new schools and hospitals over the next 3 or 4 HUNDRED years! Do we want to produce even more waste when we do not know what to do with all the waste we have accumulated over the past 50 years? See: http://www.monbiot.com/archives/2000/03/30/nuclear-power-is-melting-down/


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  1. Well we don\’t have to worry about the traffic carrying Nuclear Waste we have our own plants here in Derbyshire on Raynesway called Rolls Royce Nuclear so why worry about whats on the roads………………don\’t know about the Wheatsheaf but Harrington Arms at Thulston just off A6 and on road to Elvaston Castle, then there is the Harrington at Shardlow just by the Marina take you pick….Jaycee….Cybergran xx

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