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Dreams? We all have dreams. Dreams,can be attained academically, materialistacally and with ambition and determination. These are within our conscious control. My humble thoughts are these: That the chemically induced visions of sleep are the very soul of our existance as sentient beings. These ancient memories and visions bubble gently away and occasionaly burst into our sleep induced consciousness. On awakening,
our memory then assimilates this "new" data with our own past experiences. Often the dream is blurred, rarely is it crystal clear!
How many have escaped into oblivion? The majority never to be repeated!    Neither secular nor religious philosophers have explained the phenonoma. If your dreams provide you with  inspiration then ..dream on!  

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  1. I don`t presume to know anything about dreams – All I can say is I do dream a lot and at times they are vivid and I dont want to leave the dream. For me the interesting thing is that in these dreams I am always young and able to do all the things that I could do when I was young. I dream of my family, my pets and my ex and I dream of hazy days and sunshine – it never rains! In my dreams my children too are still young and there is much laughter but sometimes sadness as sometimes I awake and tears are trickling down my cheeks. I am also able to dream of strangers I have never met and that puzzles me! I awake with a sense of loss sometimes and feel sad yet am not sure why. I have dreamt of rooms filled with people who I do not know and wonder if they are my ancestors long since gone – I dreamt about this huge room filled with strangers vividly the night before I heard my father had died! Some dreams I remember all day and others fade as I slowly awake, sometimes with joy, sometimes with a dread and a sense of foreboding, this worries me through the day until that day is over. I dream also of books I will never write and yet in my dream I know it was a best seller! Perhaps I am just a romantic dreamer:)

  2. oohh thank you for your comment! I don\’t speak english very very well but i\’ve understood everything and..oh, a 1000 thanks! Very little people give me comments like yours!!Thanks for all, for your visits, for your comments, for your friendship…i\’m just a little girl but i know thanking, even i don\’t speak very well ;)))Cati

  3. Thanks for dropping on by…i\’d seen that radio transmission one too, just didn\’t find it in enough time to put it on my blog….lolHope you enjoyed our Canadian Appreciation Week!Take care 🙂

  4. Hi Laird,You sound as busy as myself. I do not envy you your visit to Beer Capitol can\’t stand the place Myself lived there for 2 miserable years……Couldn\’t get away fast enough. Funny how life is though outta 7 Grandchildren 4 are Burtonians…….and none live there now…..although 2 live in nearby Swad well Castle Gresley really. Take Care now and keep on enjoying this hard life of a Pensioner….must admit I do not have much free time always too busy doing something usually for someone else. Jaycee – Cybergran.xx

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