200 years ago ………..

          21st OCTOBER 1805
     England expects every man to do his duty
Lord Nelson was struck by a musket ball fired by a French sniper and fell,fatally wounded. 
Today we celebrate a turning point in this countries history, but let us also commemorate those who died in the English, Spanish and French Fleets.
A report:

"Our victory was now complete, and we prepared to take possession of our prizes; but the elements were unfavourable to us…the gale abated, thirteen of our fleet got safe to Cadiz; the other twenty have, no doubt, gone to some other port….

Our loss was trifling….

however we lament the absence of Admiral Villeneuve, whose ardour carried him beyond the strict bounds of prudence…."

That was a French report of the encounter and you thought spin doctors where a new phenonoma …!  From memory Villeneuve committed suicide to escape the wrath of Emporer Napoleon.



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  1. you have put a lot of work and research into this and come up with an interesting piece – well done:)

  2. thankyou for letting me know who wrote the poem . it was very nice . thanks for the comment

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