Global warming is the effect of the earth’s surface being heated by the sun. This heat is radiated back outward and is trapped by the clouds (water vapour) and atmospheric gases. This warms up and radiates back down to the earth’s surface. This cycle is repeated with the vapour and gases increasing the earth’s temperature.This cycle of warmth is termed the Greenhouse Effect.
 So where is the problem? Well! It’s the production of carbon dioxide, which has increased over the last 200 years of our Industrial Revolution. This country is attempting to reduce this effect. Not helped by the inconsiderate who purchase status symbol, petrol guzzling, Suv’s. Or their cheap charter flights – look at the blue sky and see the lines of pollution criss crossing it.

The largest culprit is the USA – their irresponsibility generates 25% of the worlds pollution .

 How do we know this is happening?

Melting icecaps. – The North Polar icecap has all but disappeared. Icebergs the size of the Isle of Wight break free of the South Polar Cap.

Rising water levels. – The Thames Barrier was built to protect London and it was envisaged that it would operate occassionaly every decade. It now operates regularly every year.

Floods.- Vast areas of the planet are flooded more regularly with worsening effects on the flora and fauna. not to mention the human tragedies that unfold.

Hurricanes and Tornado’s.- In the western hemisphere 3 major Hurricanes have devastated huge tracts of the Southern States and the  Mississippi Delta within weeks of each other. One major hurricane is forecast every 10 years.

 This planet was once covered with dense forests – the earths lungs. Since the Romans were here, over 90% of this countries wooded areas have disappeared. Forests the size of Belguim are disappearing annually. The oceans are the earth’s storehouse for most of its energy and temperature controlling effects yet we continue to dump poisonous waste and human garbage into it.  Then when the "regulator" kicks in, (the coldest winter for 30 years is forecast), how many of you will merely turn up the thermostat and snuggle down with our horlicks?

 It is no answer blaming the people and where they choose to build and settle, ignoring all logic when they build right along fault lines and in river flood plains.

 Is there real cause for this generation to worry? No. We can wait until enough information is available to remove the doubt.

We can wait. . . . .do nothing. . . . . and pass the problem on to our Grandchildren.

Of course by then it will be TOO late.


One thought on “GLOBAL WARNING

  1. As always a thoughtful and enlightening article. I agree about this global warming and probably millions of others do to but probably like me, feel helpless to do anything. We can all do things in our homes to help against the pollution but we cannot stop the big companies – we elect people to do this and they also seem powerless – the bottom line as always is the costs – money!! Yes we will all snuggle up under an extra blanket and it will be a talking point right through spring as to the coldest winter in 40 years (some say 30 some say 40) – Until common sense prevails then I think yes it is too late, our generation wont see it, it is our legacy that we leave that needs scrutiny and perhaps somehow changing – but how??!! – we are just voices in the wilderness.

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