Short of time to be here yesterday, sorry if I gave the impression that I was ending my ramblings – You should be so lucky! Thank you for the words of encouragement.

My daughter’s story of how she copes with her disability is moving and I wanted to share it with you. I am encouraging her to start a space of her own, meanwhile she may visit the Castle occasionally!

Well the good news is that the artexed kitchen ceiling has dried out, the bad news is that tomorrow I will be painting it and the rest of the kitchen! Except that is, the wall thats getting tiled! Today looks like being wet so no garden fence painting.Great! must remember to put that on the "Jobs for the spring" list! 

The kitchen table has this 36" x 24" sheet of graph paper firmly taped to it.Yesterday it took a total of 5 hours to draw up a family tree – taken from all the bits of paper, letters and research.(If I printed it off it would probably cover the whole floor!)

I now have 3 John Mangnalls born 1781 – 1783,problem is identifying them individually! It is like looking at a large jigsaw puzzle with 3 spaces left and 3 pieces, each the same size……… !

Well, need to grab that 2nd cup of coffee to really awaken me up.

Oh – don’t forget to change your clocks tonight.







2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. You have a very interesting site History is important,your daughter should use her space to give insperation to others I have nothing but admiration on how people cope with disabilities.I will put your link on a new custom list we oldies shoud join to gether. Thank you for leaving a comment.Robin.

  2. Hi There Laird, You bin upsetting the Bloggers? Anyway I have been very busy just lately with moving Son and everything so my aplologies for not visiting or commenting will try and make up for it now. Loved your Daughters Blog…..I could relate to it from when my Son felt that his life was going to be spent in his little bungalow with eveyone "doing" for him and of course my own disabilities which at time make me "housebound". It is how you feel at times….especially when you would really like to do the things you dream of……tell her to keep up her good work as a lot of us emphasize with her.As for your "History" bloggs they are brilliant and well worth "Three Cheers"…….as for Family Trees…well we have the same problem it seems one our Grandparents way back in 1700 decided to call all sons "John" just with a different date of birth…….as you say confusing……good luck with the decorating……must say I have to start soon want lounge done for Xmas and it\’s creeping up slowly.

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