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There are times when I despair. Today is one of them. The nations flu-jab stock is running low! If you have been in business you will understand that if you only sell 70 tonnes of onions you only buy in 70 -75 tonnes. Any more and it is wasted. The flu vaccine,available to vunerable groups has over the years,only had a 70% takeup, [even though it is FREE]. This year the selfish hypocondriacs out there have increased demand and some of the vunerable have not yet had the vaccine.  If the free jab was an antidote against avian flu, I could, maybe, understand this mindless stampede. Reminds me of visit to see my Mother many years ago. She asked me to get a bag of salt from Sainsburys in Wilmslow, because the local shop had none. Well, they had none either. A flustered junior manager told me that earlier in the week,a radio dj had announced there was a strike in the russian salt mines. Hence the panic buying! This was Wilmslow,Cheshire – where all this countries salt is extracted!
Then of course at this time of year is the "Delia" factor. Buyers at sainsburys,tesco and asda watch her programme to know what to stock! Remember the great Balsamic Vinegar shortage of the late 90’s? 
The flu virus will adapt to survive – it is, I recognise,only a matter of time before the avian strain arrives and as one who will be suseptible to it, I worry. But not this year.
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  1. I received mine as I am in high risk group but even then it was in short supply. They have run out completely at our surgery and there are as you say still people who should have the jab waiting. They are trying to get more in but who knows. Thanks for your comment on the drinking – I agree with the last question – Why are people selling to the under-age but I would also add why are our youngsters so keen to get drunk out of their heads as often as they can do it? Also how on earth can they afford to? They seem to be oblivious to the dangers of their vulnerability when they are senseless let alone the health damages and risk of alcholol poisoning. We used to like a drink, some more than others, but today it is to excess and not just during the evening, school children are getting hold of it during the day and imbibing, these are my main concerns. I lived in Tenerife for 15 years and am used to bars being open 24 hours a day but it was only the holiday makers who abused it, mainly of course our teens.

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