A day is fast approaching
                   That we see just once a year.
                    It comes December Twenty-Fifth,
                    I'll say for all to hear.

                    We do a lot of shopping first
                    And spend a lot of cash
                    Or some folks just say "Charge-it"
                    In the hope their cash will last.

                    All the frantic buying then, 
                    They say, does lots of good.
                    The economy of our Country smiles
                    When we spend like we "should".

                    The merchants love this time of year.
                    You know why they all do.
                    But does "the bottom line" make the world go 'round
                    For your family and you?

                    I think if we considered things
                    The way we really should,
                    We'd reach some new conclusions; yes,
                    I'm almost sure we would.

                    After all, the day that comes,
                    The day of which we speak,
                    Is one that we should think about
                    All year, not just that week.

                    It's a day that means much more to us
                    Than gifts or mistletoe;
                    It's a day to give a lot of thought
                    To the way our lives should go.

                    Should we pursue a life that dwells
                    Too much on what we own,
                    Or maybe getting even more;
                    Take out another loan?

                    Or should we set our sights for life
                    On reaching higher goals,
                    Like trying hard to get our name
                    Put down on Angel's rolls?

                    There is a fine example of
                    A life that we might try
                    To live just like, the best we can,
                    Or know the reason why.

                    The life I mentioned, as a life
                    To follow when we can,
                    Was lived out many years ago
                    In a very distant land.

                    The name of Him who lived it then
                    Was Jesus, you may know.
                    He lived that life so perfectly,
                    Two thousand years ago.

                    He told us "even greater things",
                    Were things that we could do.
                    And He didn't mean just certain folks,
                    He spoke of me and you.

                    So to honor and remember Him
                    We set aside that day;
                    The date, December Twenty-Fifth,
                    To remind us in that way

                    Of the day that He was born,
                    And of the life He led,
                    The way He hung upon that cross,
                    The way He slowly bled.

                    He truly gave up life that day
                    To show us all, that we
                    Should give our lives up too, for God
                    Though not so literally.

                    To serve and worship Him each day
                    In one way or another,
                    To see each woman and each man
                    As Sister and as Brother.

                    To do our best to do away
                    With hunger and with pain,
                    To see that no child goes to bed
                    While hungry, yet again.

                    To change this world so all its folks
                    Will live in such a way,
                    That we seek God first in every thing,
                    And each day is Christmas Day!
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