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Branches in Paris and Sydney…..Gangs of youths, mainly of Middle Eastern background, attacked several people with baseball bats, vandalised cars and were involved in rock-throwing skirmishes with police for a second night, officials said. Police said they found 30 Molotov cocktails and crates of rocks on rooftops as hundreds of surfers gathered at Maroubra Beach.

3 thoughts on “News from Oz

  1. I saw that on the news reports…what is the world coming to? It\’s a sad day…Just dropping on by to say hi from snowy CanadaCheers 🙂

  2. To the Lord of this CastleIt is a wonder that there is any racial tension in Aussieland, thought they were too drunk from their XXXX to care about racial differences. So what could be the excuse for the Middle Eastern yobs to stir up any trouble? I have met a lot of Aussies and I can firmly say they are one of the most hospitable people around. I think this isolated incident is nothing more than delinquent yobs with plenty of time on their hands. Forget all about religion, and live happily together in this cosy world I\’ll say lol.Good dayE.E.C.P.s. I take it you don\’t eat tuna nor potatoes? So no tuna on jacket potato for you, sire.

  3. Perhaps those rioters from Paris have taken exchange holidays to Australia? Watch out it wont be long before they are here – Xmas means nothing to them after all – a time of peace? hmmmThanks for all your comments on my space – nice to see you defending the male species, as if we needed satnav!!! What is it anyway? lol

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