campaign against do gooders

Some bloke was killed in London, his wife,though seriously wounded has recovered. The often criticised police caught the villains and one of them has been found guilty.One further piece of information is that this individual:had previous convictions which began with a burglary when he was just 14, had been jailed for 12 years for attempted murder in 1997 when he took part in an armed robbery and his accomplice shot the victim three times. He was released from prison just three months before the murder. He was released despite there being a 91% probability of him re offending.
When I was at school 1997 + 12 = 2009, not 2005.
Why was this maniac released 4 years early? Who authorised the release?
This do gooder should serve the same sentence behind bars as the criminal, who sadly will not be HUNG. 

One thought on “campaign against do gooders

  1. Well said you! It is getting so ridiculous these days – it seems to be that the criminals are the protected and the innocents take their chances. Our laws are a mockery as no matter what is said or what sentence is given they can be over-ridden each time by someone who knows just that little bit more or of course the European Court of Human Rights pokes their noses in – the Brits should rule Britain and laws should be adhered to and seen to be working and made of steel not cotton – if not then every budding criminal will think it is worth breaking the law as they know Crime DOES pay! If they get hurt, cut on glass whilst climbing in through window, or maybe a policeman bruised him when arresting him they can sue and usually win! The victims end up paying! Or they can write books in prison like Archer and make a lot of money – this money should be taken to compensate their victims and to pay for their keep whilst in Prison instead of us poor tax payers picking up the tab.! It appears that if you murder one person there is nothing to prevent you murdering more – the punishment is the same! Life should mean that – LIFE. And Bring back the death penalty!! Ok getting off my soapbox now <creeps away quietly >

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