The BBC UK theme played on Radio 4 is to be scrapped. It’s been good enough for the past 33 years, but if you tune in, as they say in radioland, at half past five in the morning you will hear instead what’s been described as a ‘pacy news briefing’ so enjoy it while you can. What ‘s the head of Radio 4’s playing at ?????

 The Radio 4 "UK Theme" at 5.30am is a collection of UK folk songs, carefully interwoven to produce a great piece of music with which to start the day.
It has been around for 33 years, and was created by Fritz Spiegl, an Austrian who came to the UK in 1939.

The controller of Radio 4 wishes to get rid of the UK Theme so Radio 4 can broadcast some extra news in this slot.
We believe that the UK theme is something that makes Radio 4 the one of the greatest radio stations in the world, and for that reason it should be saved.

Please sign the petition – Save the Radio 4 Theme



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