Hippy dissidents unite

 Apparently the Duke of Cornwall sees himself as a dissident. This of course follows a tradition that goes back into the mists of early English history.
Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall to King Uther Pendragon, rebelled against the latter’s rule because Uther had been dallying with Igraine,his wife. Uther killed Gorlois and married Igraine; the result of the union was: King Arthur!
 Charles of course is serving what must be the longest apprenticeship in modern times, second only to Bertie,later King Edward,who spent many years testing slumberland products.
 Will we see hippy Charles,[ He does talk to the trees], leading the next pensioners protest march on Downing Street?
 As a dissident, which doctrine does he adhere to? Marx,Thich Tri Hoang, or Charlemagne,[ Charles the Great, son of King Pippin].
Will this ageing aristocrat take to the internet? Can we look forward to regal blogs?

2 thoughts on “Hippy dissidents unite

  1. Hahaha  If the queen lives as long as her mother it will be William leading the pensioners!!

    As the climate gradually warmed and the glacier slowly retreated to the North, Man to the South of the glacier followed in its wake.. People settled there and named it Norway. They were themselves called "nordmenn" (Men of the North).
    It did not trake them long, however, to realize that on this land there were various other creatures hiding out in the forests and mountain sides. People did not know what these creatures were, but they were generally believed to have supernatural powers, and they came to be known as trolls.

    The trolls would come out of their hidingplaces only after sunset, and they would disappear before the morning sun arose in the East. Direct exposure to the sun could cause them to crack, turn into stone and possibly burst. On occasion the trolls would evidently forget to hide from the sun, and rock formations can today be found in various places with troll-like features.
    The trolls were mostly seen on bright moonlit nights, or during stormy nights that could frighten about anyone who happened to be outdoors at that time.
    The trolls had very distinct features. They had long crooked noses, only four fingers and toes on each limb, and most of them had long bushy tails. 
     It would appear that they also moved to Casle Glencairn!!!  Keep that tail under control!!   <hugs> xx

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for passing by my space. Haven\’t been updating much.  Don\’t know most of the actresses except Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve in her glorious days and Sophia Lauren. 

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