Boring Brits rule !

The UK is the world’s favourite nation but its people are the "most boring", according to an international poll.

More than 25,000 people from 35 countries rated "brand UK" as tops in a survey that considered individual nations’ culture, people, and tourism potential. Four out of the top five are in Europe: 2nd in the overall top brand list was Switzerland, 3rd  Canada, 4th  Italy and 5th was Sweden. Views of countries’ popularity as a place to invest in or migrate to were also sought in the poll, carried out by international marketing company GMI.But while UK citizens were considered to be the most polite and best educated, they were also rated the most boring.


                                                   Americans are the most ignorant.


The UK’s overall number one position came after it was voted first on investment, third on sports and cultural heritage, fourth for having "highly-skilled citizens", and eighth for tourism. Of countries surveyed, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were among the most positive towards the UK’s tourism assets, while India voted the UK second overall for tourism. As many as 64% of the 25,907 people in the survey said they would be "very likely" to visit Britain’s museums and galleries during a trip to Britain. Mr Anholt said: "Brand UK continues to rank high because its scores are so consistently good in most categories and in most countries. Other countries get better scores here and there, but the UK hardly gets a low score from anyone."

                             And could this be another reason ?




2 thoughts on “Boring Brits rule !

  1. Not sure if we are boring or not – I personally just dont like tourists but appreciate they are necessary for the economy –  I just like to know that they will leave our shores and not just disappear into our streets!  Please visit my sons partner who is taking her driving test on 1st March, dont worry you can go out as she will be in Cheltenham 🙂  A few words of encouragement? 

  2. Boring? Maybe… Educated? Definitely no! Have you seen the yops out in the streets? They haven\’t got two brain cells to rub together. The language which comes out of their mouths confirms it. We are a big attraction to travellers who forgets to travel elsewhere when they arrive. lol.

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