The Bogey man will get you


Boggert Hole Clough is one of the many open spaces, created in Victorian times, for recreation and relaxation

in Northern Manchester.



However, parents always warned us about …………….






         THE BOGGERT



 A fig’ger glimpsed by lamplight
At the darkest hour of night;
Eyes burnin’ feral-green,
Sensed much mo’ than seen.

He’s waitin’ for you, chile,
‘Neath your trundle bed,
An if you slip jes’ once from grace,
He’ll squeeze your pretty haid!

He’s the Boggart-man, he is,
An in darkness do he live —
He lies in wait of naughty babes
An ends their foolish ways.

He delights in terrorizing
He loves to hear you squeal;
An if he’s ‘specially ravenous,
He’ll take you fer his meal!

Remember young Tim Winter,
That wretched li’l sinner?
The Boggart-man done stole him off,
An cut the tongue right out his mouf!

So watch yourself, my young ‘un,
‘Cause the Boggart-man, he sees;
He’ll creep up on you in the
An end your dirty deeds!



Who was Tim Winter ? Well thats the mystery !


3 thoughts on “The Bogey man will get you

  1. Oh I love that verse…made me smile, don\’t know why just reminds me of my grandad could imagine him saying it as I read it, aint that weird haven\’t thought of my grandad for a long time… nice memories though…
    As for that son o mine…sheesh so bloody soft… lol… or maybe its his ole ma that made him that way… who knows!…  Hey and yeah I\’ll be your supervisor I\’ll have them washing the dishes and making you coffee within the first half hour…LOL…
    Always good to see you pop by…
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh my at your blog, I always thought the Boggart man lived in my cupboard, I used to make sure when I was little that the doors were shut before I went to bed lol… scary things cupboards lol…. Thanks for leaving the comment about my orbs on my space.. The picture with my dog in was taken on sunday 26th feb late afternoon and there wasnt a light on when I took the picture.  All that was behind me was my wall, there was no light source behind me.. The other pictures were taken on the 27th feb at night and there was a light on then but I dont think it would have made relections like that….then again I just dont know… I might take some more pictures soon and see what happens….Thanks though for your comment they are always welcome.  If you can think of anything else please let me know…. Love & Light Witchy xxxxx ////—–

  3. LOL… I was being a cheeky buggar and sneaking in on your blind side… looks like I did too…
    Oh and the grandad thing, its kinda funny when I look at my grandkids now and hubby then remember my grandad… geez there\’s such a world of difference… Oh I can see him now, beret on (always wore a beret, never a flat cap) old white clay pipe hanging out of his mouth… always wore a suit, funny thing was, it was a well worn as his old clay pipe…lol. and everyone has such great respect for him, everyone called him dad…. and he was  kind and generous, but a very straight talking man he really was a \’what you see is what you get\’ man..omg… I could be here all night…lol…mind you we all think we had the best grandad in the world, (well I do Well better go or i\’ll be having you put the kettle on and get the biccies out…lol…
    laters you…
    Eth 🙂 xxx

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