House with no booze

It started last Friday,I had seen a couple of them casing the Castle – just sitting there….watching….I noticed they are going around in tandem…cooing. They had left there visiting card on the kitchen window….marking me out as a possible target. Yesterday I took a couple of shots of Ribena, upping the vitimin C content, but to no avail. Last night I had a glass of hot milk….it was then I realised I had no whisky! So today I can nt even enjoy having a cold. While I write this I am downloading, "Layla" a little number by Dire Straits and Eric Clapton…….Can nt remember who never returned the original.  It will soon be time to find out if my G/d has had enough snow to build a snowman. Here the sun is shining from a clear blue sky, the only sound I can here is cooooo…….cooooo.  

One thought on “House with no booze

  1. the sound of doves – love them!  (I assume you are not talking pigeons? they dont actually coo as such do they?)  Whichever they are,  I am sorry to hear you have another cold!!!  Poor you!  and of course even worse – running out of whisky – aghhhh – well I hope you will be well enough to pop down to the shop and get one – but hey Spring is on the way!!!    Frosty nights for us but beautiful sunny days and there is a lot of warmth in that sun!!  Still cold out but nevertheless the promise is there.  I do hope you have a good day <hugs – special big one for that nasty cold> lol xxx 

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