Time out

I am amused by the many teenagers who swear an undying love to some spotty faced,and I suspect, bemused male adolescent. I reckon a way to make loadsa money is to copy these blogs, then in 10 years or so confront the writers with there "indiscretions"…..I doubt if 1 in 10 will be still obsessed with the same person.
As someone who was cast aside for a younger model I no longer feel bitter, just annoyed that I ever believed in the goo and slush that is written about "love". It also annoys me when I read of others who have similarly been cast aside…The pit of despair can seem unsurmountable …There are times when , just as you struggle to your feet, you get hacked down to your knees again….self belief will help. YOU are the most important person in your life, when you see that fact, see that when you are at peace within yourself, you can face the world, kill the gremlins,then you will become the new YOU.
Yes, Elvis I do feel lonesome some tonights, there are times when the castle should be renamed Heartbreak Hotel, but while I have the comfort and love of my children, I am happy knowing I don’t have to live with the lies and deceit…..I may be on my own but I am not lonely.  

One thought on “Time out

  1. This is brilliant, finally someone has summed up exactly how I feel about my divorce. I haven\’t quite come to terms with loving myself yet but am getting there slowly, and as you say I have the love of two brilliant children.Thank you.
    By the way this is a well thought out space,always interesting and often hilarious.

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