So what you may ask have an ageing actress, a wannabe filmstar and one of yesterday’s popstars have in common?……
It is this …………….

Canada’s largest seal [cull] MASSACE for more than 50 years is taking place despite protests by environmentalists and animal rights groups.

         230,000 SEALS FOR SLAUGHTER


"Many are skinned alive right in front of us," says Ifaw activist Rebecca Aldworth.

The floes are suddenly awash in the red blood of the kill and the anguished cries of the seal mothers who hover helplessly nearby as their babies are viciously mutilated and skinned. Live seals are dragged while conscious across the ice with boat hooks;  stockpiles of dead and dying seals lay beside ships.

The economic value of the seal hunt was $16.5 Million in 2004. [The federal government statistic].

                 [£8.1 Million or 11.7 Million Euro]

Harp seals do eat cod, but it has been man’s disregard for the environment that has wiped out the cod population off the Canadian coast – not the seals.

         Why not cull some of the greedy fishermen?

I am watching 

Canada in horror, I had always thought that that country was envionmentally,a step or three ahead of its southern neighbour…obviously not.





THEY are not indiginous to England.

[Yet another unwanted american import]

THEY need to be removed from our green and pleasant land.

Grey squirrels are a pest, they ARE vermin. They steal nuts from bird tables and kill garden and woodland fledglings. They strip the bark from trees which eventually destroys the trees.

This invader is also exterminating our native RED SQUIRREL .

Cormorants are culled, (See an earlier rant), seals are battered to death, even harmless hedgehogs are extinguished. One of our fellow bloggers wants to see the end of the humble Wasp.

Yet this panzer of the animal kingdom is allowed to go on its evil way. Old French wisdom says "If it moves, it’s edible" sadly, so I am informed, this does not apply to these grey vermin.

 Not content with obliterating the Red Squirrel population, will they next set there sights on fluffy bunnies ?

Help SAVE our woodland birds and RED SQUIRRELs.



2 thoughts on “KILL OR NOT TO KILL

  1. I don\’t propose to know alot about our seal hunt….I don\’t live on the east coast of Canada, I live far away on the prairies.Yes, part of the reason from what I\’ve been told is because the seals deplete the cod stocks, and you make mention above that it has been fisherman that\’s done it more and we should cull them…..I want to let you know that the majority of fisherman who over-fished the Grand Banks off Newfoundland were not Canadian – there were a multitude of international fisherman involved for the most part, as Canadian fisherman are (and were) regulated in their catches.  Alot of the over-fishing happened outside of Canadian waters, where we had no jurisdiction.I can\’t see all of the pics that you have here, but I suspect one might be of a baby seal, a white coat?  I do know that there have been celebrities of late that have been using their media status to promote the idea of not killing the young pups.  For the record….Canada banned the killing of white coat pups in 1987. I\’m not saying I\’m for it, I\’m not saying I\’m against it, I really am not informed enough to make that decision.But I will send you a link here from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that has more information than I could ever hope to know about this subject- care

  2. Re: Mothers Day – it is a special thank you day and I wish I still had my mother to say it to.  Everyone has birthdays but this day is the one that means so much to Mums:)
    You have blogged on this vermin in our green and pleasant land (what remains of it that is) and I  agreed with you then and still do.  Bournemouth and a few other areas  seems to be clear of them as indeed the Isle of Wight – perhaps they have some answer that they should share to prevent these squirrels continuously enlarging their numbers.
    The seal situation disgusts me.  Your blog above says it all – GREED and INDISCRIMINATION! 

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