Sonnet 36

Let me confess that we two must be twain,
Although our undivided loves are one:
So shall those blots that do with me remain
Without thy help by me be borne alone.
In our two loves there is but one respect,
Though in our lives a separable spite,
Which though it alter not love’s sole effect,
Yet doth it steal sweet hours from love’s delight.
I may not evermore acknowledge thee,
Lest my bewailed guilt should do thee shame,
Nor thou with public kindness honour me,
Unless thou take that honour from thy name:
But do not so; I love thee in such sort
As, thou being mine, mine is thy good report.

5 thoughts on “Sonnet 36

  1. lovely… Hi you commented on My Space about my "Messed Up People" Blog. And i would like to say thankyou verymuch. And i hope aswell soon that the youth will arrive at their senses with a bump and realise that their lives will not pick or change unless they put themselves into gear and things done… and i believe conscription should be brought back, if i was called to fight for my country, come hell or high water i would go and fight for this land to keep it BRITISH. so thankyou again.

  2. Yeh hi me again are you Lachlan? just wondering Pitcairn family. Bryn Athyn right? just wondering thanks again for the comment.

  3. Hello again, nice to hear from you, spook skool is gr8 fun, we get alsorts there, it\’s not a church so they don\’t preach to us! lol! I\’m not religious but i don\’t knock people that are, just not my thing, people go for readings too & healing, but we go to developement class on thursday\’s I got a spirit called Harold sat next to me this thurs he\’d died of a stroke, my right arm felt weird but i wasn\’t scared i just have to find out wot he wants! lol! going ghostbustin tonight to a hotel in Doncasster, will blog about it sometime nxt wk  love your space v interesting, have a gr8 day w.w.w x

  4. Hello there, thanks for the comment, nice space, well Guernsey is a nice island, but not this morning, rain.  Take care now.

  5. aww beautiful, wonderful, lost for words now. Hope you don\’t mind but i copied it. sonnet36 by the great man himself. The words for all.
    marie x

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