Today is my G/son’s 1st Birthday.
Happy birthday Ben. Goo Goo Goo !

3 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Hiya, Thanx for visiting my space……Ijust love yours ! The photos are awesome and I was pleased to se Warwick on there as it\’s a five minute walk from where I live. Are they all castles that you\’ve visited ?? I notice that Rockingham Castle isn\’t on your slideshow…… I pass it regularly on my way to visiting some friends and it looks awesome from the road. I\’ve always wanted to stop and go in but never had the time. It\’s on my list of things to do…..Oh I cud put that on my space ! Hope your Grandson has a wonderful B\’day. What a lovely age **goes all broody and flashes back to when own children were little**. Talk again soon   BB

  2. Love your pics, esp the Woodland one, shepherd\’s cottage, cavalry captain! and bluebells.

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