Dear Mr McClaren,
Today you must be wondering why you accepted the post of Manager to the English football X1. The word team has connatations of a group of people playing together – something which is alien to Sven’s "system".
You can nt discard the goalie only because James is inferior. Lampard & J Cole, are prime examples of almost better than average league players incapable of making it at international level. Neither should don a national shirt again. Gerrard? I will be kind and ponder the fact he has been playing for the last 50 weeks.
 Only Neville,Carragher,Ferdinand,Terry,[Your next captain],Ashley Cole and the much malaigned Owen Hargreaves have been fit to wear the England shirt. Too soon to judge Lennon, Carrick and Downing, and Crouch still has to convince me he is a decent Liverpool player,let alone an international. David Beckham should retire while he has some credibility left – like Ronaldo he is over the international hill.[The main reason Brazil are out as well]
 Rooney, with a little more self control should be playing in the Paul Scholes role, both at Old Trafford and for England.
 Oh, and if you want a completely unknown squad member, with no premiership experience to sit around the team hotel in the European Championships – I will send you my name and address.[ You provide the blonde companion]
Both England and Argentina failed because of poor managerial decisions. Portugal were there for the taking, I am sure France will not make the same mistake. Having knocked out the favourites is there a team to stop the Germans? I doubt it.
I look forward to seeing how you fare in the job.