…..There’s nothing on the telly – except dust.

From the recent events on the soccer fields of Germany I know nothing about the game – a point that makes it so intriguing. Congratulations to Italy. Roll on the Euro Championships in 2008. But what has replaced the Matches of the Day programmes on the telly?
Even the delightful and highly talented Billy Piper has left my Saturday evenings empty .
We now have the usual collection of societies misfits and weirdo’s in a house or on an island. Pathetic.
I have just returned from part 2 of my July Family Tour. I returned from Jorvik refreshed and slowly improving in health. I can report that my trip to the land of the Iceni
has completed the process. Stayed at the White Hart in Hingham.
which I can recommend to any weary traveller to the area.
Willow,[G/d2], is now 10 months old and a real bundle of energy. Romey,[G/d1],had school so was unable to come with us to the seaside at Southwold. 

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Romey is a big Harry P. fan, but we can nt all be perfect!

Vicky has started her own site – she may remember to give me its title so I can post it on here!!!

I now have to prepare for next weeks expedition to Scotland …. so watch this space


2 thoughts on “…..There’s nothing on the telly – except dust.

  1. Well I have a pond in the garden and did think about havin\’ a dip…but I\’m not too keen on fish bits in mi bloomers… So I suppose it will have to be the local swimming pool and I\’m not sure skinny dippin\’ is allowed… there are poor little kids to think about dont want to scar them for life…lol
    Have a lovely time in Scotland…
    Eth 🙂 xxx

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