Then you wonder, why ?

I don’t apologise for the above picture – why should I ? It is only a dead palastinian child.
Had he been black and in Dafur or in 1980’s South Africa, the whole world would be protesting. You may forget him – but his friends will always remember him and who killed him. 
They will take their day in the future. . .    

6 thoughts on “Then you wonder, why ?

  1. Indeed, things are very bad in the middle east, eye for an eye is one thing, the head, the arm and a foot for an eye is not at all fair.

  2. Hello 🙂 thank you for the comment you left on my space.I agree its such an un just World we live in that kid done nothing wrong.Theres so much evil in it xxx

  3. A child is a child no matter his race, culture etc. The death of a child is tragic.
     How does it solve anything by killing someone elses child in revenge? be assured that child will grow up and take his revenge, when does it stop?
    The death & slaughter of so many throughout history in the name of "humanity/war" is beyond atrocious & shocking.
    Marie x
    The poppies are beautiful, my gran was born on poppy day and when i was little believed they were her flowers. Until i realised what the monuments and their wreaths were about.
    Your pictures are stunning. Marie

  4. Hello
    Thanks for dropping by,and for your imput on my blog as well.
    You are so right. Everyone takes the side of poor little Israel. yet they are the ones lolding thousands upon thousands of Palestinians and not a word is mentioned about that.I am a caucasion, who was born and has lived my whole life in Canada.I\’m not tying to fight against the west in any shape or form. What I am fighting for is equal rights for everyone on this planet.Not the select few who think they should have it all.

  5. Hiya Hippy,
    Was gonna trackback to this entry on my blog, but I don\’t seem able to see your pics. 
    The URL to the image of the dead palastinian child…

    ….is just one of the pics I can\’t see.  Might be my computer, but I\’ve tried it in both Internet Explorer and Firefox with no joy.

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