A European country and its provinces , is subject to terrorist attacks.
The weapons are funded by foreign dissadents in the new world.
No Names – no pack drill.
Civilians, policemen and soldiers are murdered by these freedom
fighters. Towns and cities were bombed indiscriminately.
Then the government of the land negotiates with the terrorists.
The terrorists are given concessions, however, they continue to run
the gambling,prostitution and drug rackets,they even retain there arms
and local populations, both friend and foe, continue to live in fear of them. 
 Two questions:
1.Should this,unnamed, country invade, bomb and maim the
   inhabitants of  the adjacent land where sympathisers of the terrorists live? 
2.Attack the nation who allowed these terrorists to collect money
  and sold them arms?
Answers to Presidents Blair, Bush and McAleese,