The flags are flying high in the northerly winds this morning. Today is the birthdate of not only the Laird but also of Napolean Bonaparte,[1769] and Princess Ann,[1950].

I don’t feel in a very good mood this morning, I can nt believe that I am now just 365 days from drawing my old age pension. I had hoped to be going out for a meal this evening with a friend but she is either too busy or has forgotten….

I also remember what 64 year old folk looked like when I was say, 20. Even 30. They lOOKED old. They ACTED old.  They regailed you with tales of the Blitz or sang songs about bluebirds flying over the white cliffs of Dover. [They were grey when I saw them earlier this year.]They darned stockings and made you drink syrup of figs. They taught you about the commonwealth and spoke of "Values", like respect, civic pride and discipline. So where have my parents’ and my generations gone wrong? Honour was another thing that was important. Scoff if you will but when Britain ruled the waves we would send in a few gunboats to sort out the warring factions – not spend 4 weeks pussy footing about with semantics. Noone would have been allowed to flought international law as often and for as long as a certain country in the Levant.

Here in blogland it is sometime difficult to reply to deep meaningful items. I always try and refrain from letting rip in someone elses space. Occasionally I do put a potted,[I said potted not potty lol], point of view forward.However I have noticed,particularly with our colonial cousins, they delete items where you have raised particular points. One comes to mind re the use of metal detectors on archealogical sites and keeping recovered artifacts.I probably used the word ‘vandalism.’ Nothing, not a peep ! On my next visit both blog and comment had disappeared into the ether! 

 Maybe blogland should be the same as when you have a pint down the pub,or are a guest at a dinner party,  you don’t mention wars, sex or religion. I want to exchange opinions,I want to hear the views of other bloggers,otherwise I will think I am right ALL the time…..and that would be boring ! Would nt it ?  


And now,as one of our famous comedians used to say, for something completely different…….



This poem is to no one in particular, just to the echo of a memory that occasionally surfaces. A strand that has survived from 1963 and the days of Flower Power.

Possibly in a parallel universe two aging hippies are celebrating a wedding anniversary in conjunction with his 64th birthday..to Ashtoreth I pen this verse:


Now I’m 64

Now my hair grows so fine

will I be bald before it turns grey?

You never sent that valentine,

birthday greeting or bottle of wine.


Well fates decreed for you and me

that you would leave,lock the door.

You did nt need me, you simply freed me.

But now I’m sixty-four.


You have aged? Serenely too!

Soulmate, do you ever muse,

if I think of you.

The one you chose to lose.


Alone in the garden,painfully digging the weeds.

Who could ask for anything more?

You did nt need me,simply freed me,

But now Im sixty-four.


Each summer in a rented gite,

in rustic france,the solstice I greet,

Alone on holiday? Yes,thats me!

Are your petit-enfants on your knee?


I never knew what made you go,

nor what more from life you sought.

Noone has filled the empty space,

a broken heart is a lesson well taught.


Will you send a message. Drop me a line?

Simply asking," How are you"?

Will you wonder or think of me,

on the day that I am sixty-four?


HB [C] 2006


21 thoughts on “..WITH A FLOWER IN HER HAIR

  1. excellently thoughtful poem
    thank you for dropping by my space.
    Glad to see you are  as deep as we all can show online.
    hape to see you around soon .  I\’ll be by here every so often

  2. reading on Kate\’s site it\’s your Birthday today ! .. so have a happy one !

  3. Happy Birthday special person; I wish you a wonderful day and may you be spoilt by all who know you.
    I shall sip a glass of Champaign this evening in your honour.
    Take care and have fun
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)15 August 06:28(http://abbottk.spaces.live.com/)

  4. Good Morning, Dear Heart ..
    I hope you grumpy because folks are "politically correct" and not because you\’re sixty-four!  When I was younger, my dad and his step-grandpa argued so much about church and religion, I vowed right then and there not to be involved in it.  Church and state has so woefully separated in the states years ago, prayer and the Pledge of Alegience has just about been outlawed.  Hurray for those hearty families who teach their children both at home school!
    You\’ve hit a nerve, so maybe, possibly, I will work on being more outrageous on my blog .. \’cept I\’m an Independent votor, and I detest war, and I think most of our world\’s woes would cease if countries (like the US)  took care of its own back yard instead of sweeping on other\’s lawns and fixing them.  Whew!  I got that off my chest!
    Back to the point, Happy Birthday, young stuff!  <grin>

  5. Hey there, thanks for the comments.  I am unsure on your views on United however, I myself believe we can go far this season and exceed expectations, it seems the Senna move is on, and a striker is on his way be it Huntelaar I would be very mcuh so happy, Torres or Tevez would simply be a dream but can\’t see that happening.  I think this season the likes of United and Liverpool can mount a serious challenge, a Gallas-less Chelsea are very frail, and Lampard has been found out.
    As for the Lebanon issue, maybe it should be kept separate, but I decided to put it together.  Anyway I understand what your saying, however I am not blaming Israel for all of this, there is just far to much double-standards going on.  America supplies Israel with the bombs they fly through the UK and land in Lebanon, and that seems to be self defence for the Americans and Blaier, however why cant the Lebanese defend their country after all it is the Israeli forces who are currently inside Lebanon, not vice versa.

  6. Many Happy returns for you sir. I like the poem it is far more genteel than any of my offerings. thank you for visiting my humble domain. The reason I was sad at my daughter leaving is that she is only 12 and she lives with her dad in Wales which is about 200 miles from where I live. I am proud of her and love her to bits even though she is not with me. I still have my 17 year old son living with me and he is missing her too. I know at some stage he will fly the nest too and although I will be sad to lose him I will be proud at the same time. It is a tough world out there I am hoping they will both be ok.
    Hope you enjoy your birthday take care XX

  7. One more thing, I\’m going to make a political statement! ::GRIN:: Alba ga Bragh!

  8. Hey.  I agree Ruud was a class act, although I can\’t cmpare him to the Maestro Cantona, they both played very diffierent roles, and were brilliant for us during there time.
    Cantona added glitz, and was a playmaker, he also was our leader, whereas Ruud was professional and on the pitch did all the talking, scoring the most crucial goals for us.  I remember the year Cantona was banned and we won nothing and on his return we got the double, hope thats not the case with Ruud and we can still get a good place.

  9. Good Morning to you,
    How wonderful to see so many lovely birthday wishes on your page. I would like to know how your day turned out and if the dinner date went well.
    As the sun started to set over the sea, I sipped a glass of Champaign and toasted your birthday from a far.
    Take care and have fun.
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)

  10. As usual i am late, but a belated happy birthday 🙂 Sad poem, hope your day was anything but!
    Marie x

  11. yes you have answered my questions beautifully,  I have thought how wonderful "from now on" what a fabulous motto, it is so incredibly hopeful (as if one knows there is something that needs changing-and is determined to do it) it would make a great poem "Desormais"….
    Loved your vacation photos, especially of VENICE, hope to see it before she disappears.
    I am  a little put off as far as the changes, I hate that the links don\’t open "new pages" and it is altogether too slow.  Why on earth can\’t one copy and paste from another document such as notepad.  I like to be drafting my answers to my virtual friends throughout the day as I work on other things at my computer.  I hate to have to write without being able to revise.  anywho,  You must continue to write your opinions, otherwise how would I know I have one on the particular subject you may be soapboxing?  I am broadening my horizons, and this is here for what you want it to be…carry on!!
    Sometimes the day after your birthday is better than your birthday (think about it),  I personally feel birthdays are overated.
    Forgive the absence, my children go back to school next week so they have been little attention buggers. 
    Please don\’t give up on me, hope to update my space soon, Sheila

  12. Happy Belated birthday for yesterday……the address I think should be 360.yahoo.com.jaycee1940 try it and see if it works……..I agree wholeheartedly about people of 60 when we were 20….but no matter how hard I look in the mirror I cannot see a 60+ year old looking back at me…..40/50ish yes but not 3 years away from 70
    …..although I should be feeling like it as my youngest is 40 today which isn\’t doing my ego much good LOL
    …..Take care……Jaycee…Cybergran

  13. Sorry to hear you have been seperated from your children too. My last christmas was probably the most miserable i ever had due to Chloe being missing for Christmas Dinner for the first time ever. Aaaw I shouldn\’t try to read the whole of my space as most of it it is complete and utter crap from start to finish LOL. You weren\’t to know especially seeing I write it as being my friends Jan\’s little gurl. I am mostly Willow the Blue Fairy on spaces nobody ever really sees Jan. It is almost like she has become the fictional character. Oooer getting to deep now. Hugs for you Sir
    love Jan xxx

  14. You have an interesting perspective on love.  Read your comment at Bastol\’s space.  Had to take a peek.

  15. apppy birthday yer laird, hey,did you catch the scottish themed recent prom on radio 3 ? och laddy, they even had a 20 minutes interlude about the picts

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