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A thin net of depression still hangs around my shoulders this morning, just 363 days to being officially classified as ‘Pensioner.’
In a recent survey in the colonies,more americans had heard of Harry Potter than of the British Prime Minister. 49% had never heard of Mr Tony Blair. How I wish this were true in reverse. If dubya sneezes its headlined here, I am certain that if a European head of state died it would receive less coverage. Why can nt our news media be more parochial and only concerned itself with internal affairs?
For example today,[ main news headlines],I hear the murderer of a 6 year old beauty queen has been arrested some 10 years after the murder in Colorado…. a claustrophobic granny had the east coast usaf scrambling to escourt a jumbo into Logan. 
Did fox or cnn cover these items ….Weekend –  A 15-year-old girl  died in hospital after suffering serious head injuries when she fell 35ft while on a family walk near a waterfall. Yesterday –  a man died of anthrax in Hawick. No of course not.
Today I am not even going to question the fact that a 6 year old is a beauty queen.
4th item of news, which will I hope please you all, is that our great british police have been "allowed", to detain 24 "suspected, alleged" plane bombers for a furthur 48 hours to continue questioning them. The lawyers  are already drooling –  just waiting for someones civil rights to be infringed! The only piece of cheery news is that andrew murray beat federerer [tennis] and the England soccer team thrashed greece, 4 – 0.
I think an early coffee is needed…then it’s castle dust and clean morning……

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  1. say \’arse to it\’ and enjoy your status, be shockingly active
    join friends reunited and find old school mates, join lots of local hobby based groups or even start your own so you have bags of friends and enjoy country walks, fishing,shooting or er, 20 mins on the exercise bike as tis throwing it down outside
    stand too scots laird, remember your epicurus \’friends,hobbies,live cheap\’

  2. thankyu for your comment on my space. I hope by now the net of depression has been cast to the deepest, darkest regions of your dungeon. The saying though cliched, that age is only a number is so true!
    And pensioner is only another word, discard it 🙂
    Marie x 

  3. Well I felt half decent again til I came and read your cheery news… Oh cept the bit about depression and becoming a pensioner…lol… tsk! age is buggar all but a number…so why depressed dont mean a thing really, cept maybe the aches and pains are becoming a tad more noticable..but hell I\’ve got that at 45, i could be in constant horizontal mode by the time I\’m 70…. and yep I\’m still talking aches and pains here..LOL
    so you best brush the dust of your shoulders, its causing depression you know…
    and enjoy the rest of what could be a bloody good week…
    big hugs you
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  4. hi, thanks for your visit, yes i did treat him to a can of beer, well actually it was a lager shandy, dont want to spoil him do i ?
    have to say i\’ve enjoyed reading your entries and agree with what you have posted, the romantic, the droll, the sarcastic !
    even though my airy fairy space is my escape from the do-gooders ruination of our once great land, i do surface now and then, remove my head from the sand and enjoy opinions such as yours.
    more power to your blogging elbow !   take care, beth. x

  5. Hello 🙂 thanx for the message on my space.My mum liked your site and said shes single and likes your quote "We don\’t stop playing because we grow old ; We grow old because we stop playing!"mums in my photos!!!shes the mad blonde lol xxx

  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment.  Be sure and stay busy when you retire or you will grow old before your time. 

  7. The interpretation of your Soul number has been posted.
    Have a wonderful week-end.

  8. Hi, Stopped her via Bastol.  The laird thing caught my eye.  Are you in Scotland?  I have always wanted to see the Highlands.  Whose Laird\’s birthday is it on August 15.  That was also my mothers birthday (God keep her) 
    I agree with you about the media.  It is even worse here in the US.  Paris Hilton has a hissy fit and it is all over the news and in the papers.  We hosted exchange students and one of our girls from germany asked some of her school friends if they knew who gave the US the Statue of Liberty.  One of the biggest symbols of the United States.  None of them knew.  Some said England, quite a few said Germany since that is where Dinah was from.  Pathetic, and more that a little sad.
    Nice to meet you

  9. It\’s the england FOOTBALL team…I hate the word \’soccer\’ even though it has English origins the American connactions are worse.

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