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Like many who have a little spare time on their hands I trawl around your blogs. I enjoy the diversity of views and dislike the glitzy ones with flashing stars, the sugary sentiments directed at some spotty youth or the naked display of last winters growth,shown with the same enthusiasm that gardeners show off their melons. The deliberately provocative who give you no oppotunity to reply and the blogs that you really want to comment on, but don’t………well not until know. So after my sunday lunch and a glass of red wine…

The propaganda machine is a well thought out blog deserving a thoughtful reply. The writer finds it hard to understand why so many people mistrust his country. Where do we get our information from. Why do we believe it.

Where to begin? I will not insult the writer by thinking that he has no knowledge of history but will respectfully remind him that usa has continually interferred in british and world affairs since 1776, and countless times – got it wrong. They courted the french to such an extent that the british blockade of europe almost failed, had it done so Napoleon would have triumphed. The british outlawed slavery in 1807, it took a civil war and 200 years to bring about a notional success in usa. [One american president even tried to repatriate black folk back to africa!] Had the usa threatened the kaiser in 1914 instaed of 1917 that war may well have ended by christmas 1914. Contrary to the hollywood version, John Wayne did not win WW2.

Hitler’s insanity, and, despite our american led generals crass stupidity, the guts of thousands of allied men and women did that.

What has this got to do with anything you may ask. Bare with me.

Following WW1 britain, having defeated the turks and at the instigation of international treaties, took control of palastine and egypt. The latter being the gateway to india and australia. ‘Arabia’ was divided into feifdoms…iraq, saudi arabia ect. Persia remained a kingdom.

us influence in the mediterranean was minimul. Big business took control of the body politic in the us. Oil was discovered in the middle east.

Following WW2, that us big business, having payrolled the allied effort, rebuilt europe’s ailing economies. The payback was felt most in britain. Rationing did nt end until the mid 1950’s. The empire was dismantled and the us attempted to fill the vacuum. Britain became not a partner of us but a base to keep nuclear bombs. The cold war remember? Europe and britain were dispensible, just as long as us big business survived. Britain was bankrupt, powerless. France raised the occasional objection but was ignoored. Big business created a forward base to partake of the oil, a land of milk and honey. Israel. This was achieved by physically removing men, women and children from homes and busineses in jeruselam and other towns of the new state of israel. These people were then herded into ‘refugee’ camps. Persia and saudi were courted by the lure of the dollar. Both regimes were corrupt and corrupted. The real power in Washington gambled first with one faction, then with another……How many GI’s died in both iraq wars with the knowledge that the opposing army had been equiped by the pentagon? How many died not knowing there were NO wmd’s??

How many dead soldiers would be nearing my age if the us had dropped bags of rice to feed the poor of vietnam instead of bombs?

Mistrust the us? You bet I do.

The above is nt misinformation. It is nt propaganda.


 Facts that can be gleaned from memoirs of people who took part in these events. People such as Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill,General Mark Clarke and Ex – President Dwight Eisenhour. Facts that I have grown up with.

Mistrust the us? You bet I do. I guess I’m not the only european,asian or african, yellow, white, brown or black……..

The article continues by asking specific questions and requesting the source of data leading to the basis of a conclusion:

1. Who was most wrong in the recent spat in the lebanon?

A: The israeli soldiers who killed 7 people having a beachside bbq in Gaza. This one act resulted in the kidnap of an israeli soldier.

Fact as reported in british,french and us newscasts and newspapers.

2. Why can nt there be peace in lebanon?

A: When israel conforms to the UN resolution 247 and returns to its pre 1967 borders,that would bring it closer.

Fact is israel has ignored more Un resolutions that pol pot, saddam and iran put together.

3. If the israeli state ceased, would peace prevail.

A: No.

Fact: Too many vested interests in money, power and oil. Remember binladen? He is the guy who the cia armed in afganistan, well he is from saudi ! Remember saudi? Where us big business thrives! Mention saudi pilots,september 11th and we almost complete the circle.

4. Do I think I am brainwashed?

A: Both the catholic church and the communist party tried indoctrination-  and failed.

 The george and tony show – never convinced me.

 Do ufo’s exist? I have an open mind …!

 I only have 2 blind spots – Manchester United and ….. well I ‘ll keep that for another blog.

May I throw a question back?

If an american citizen has a right to carry a firearm, in the land of the free. Why the hell can nt an arab carry a gun in war torn iraq?

Finally, to anyone who has read this far we have the following statement,which I can nt believe was meant to sound how it reads:

"……..there are many injustices done by the USA and Israel, however if every disgraceful act we have committed were to be totalled…and compared to every disgraceful act by those who hate us…the comparison would be disproportionate."

Tell that to the thousands of red indians slaughtered in the us. Tell that to the black men, women and children who died in the boats feeding the demand in the us for cheap labour. Tell that to the slaves of us big business who died on the plantations and in hiroshima.

My final comment is that hitler and stalin counted the success of their escapades in the lives of other nationals.

Read ‘the propaganda machine’  and other interesting items at the above addy
Ok. An honest reply to your honest questions – reckon you owe me a couple of glasses of malt whisky !

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  1. Where ever one looks, the world is in a mess. It is brought about by strategic ‘games’ played by hidden people at the top, who manipulate their strategically placed puppets for self gain.
    Their tactics have not changed much; create a perceived problem, wait for the expected reaction, then offer the well planned solution, with end goal/gain firmly in mind.
    And the masses follow like sheep, because fear is a powerful tool leaving most individuals blind to self reason.

  2. Shame more ppl dont think like you and drop food instead of bombs….
    oh and the \’old\’ thing…geez, we\’re all old to someone, I\’m bloody ancient to my grandkids… who cares..its a number i refuse to acknowledge…lol…so stop moanin n get ur specs
    hugs you
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  3. Nope, not deleted.. .hehe try harder next time 🙂
    i just mentioned that to keep people forminsulting low scores and stuff.  there is no need to create any more negative feeligns in the world

  4. Hey,
    Thanks for taking time out to read my ramblings, seems we are quite like minded from what I\’ve read of your. Love the poem by Lord Tennyson posted below, I\’ll be checking up on this space, enjoy spending your kids inheritance, don\’t think they\’ll thank you for it though.

  5. Thank you………..Land of the free???? I doubt it
    Many Blessings

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