Yesterday morning I went into town to do my weekly shopping. Coffee with toasted teacake at CAFE B then 20 minutes browsing around Ottaker’s. Tomorrow is Willow’s 1st birthday so sent her a B.H.S. token so her mom can buy her some winter woolies ! They are on holiday at the yorkist resort of Scareborough this week. Hope the weather holds fine for them. Then on to the superamrket. Do you ever wonder what happens to the food when it passes its, ‘sell by’ date? More to the point what percentage of the total stock is never sold? 5%. 10%. >15% ?
This morning its down to the Post Office to post my annual subscription for the family history magazines. Just across the square to the left,stands the old town hall, topped by a clock tower. Next door stands the Witherspoons public house. Opposite that  stands the pharmacie, a cafe, and a poundsaver. I save my pounds by not going inside!  Today is Tuesday so I will visit the other beer emporium and join some friends for a game of pool. Not the pool with numbers on the balls the other one. There is a difference so they say, but to me, a player of almost 2 years, its just like snooker only on a smaller table. Talking of tables – it is great to see MANCHESTER UNITED are still top of the Premier League and ENGLAND  at the top of their group in the european championship qualifers.
Finally, if Andy Murray had nt told his fellow scots NOT to support England in the world championships I would wish him well in flushing meadow. So I don’t.
Smile of the day came when I heard jerry adams was on his way to Lebanon – to speak about peace!


  1. I\’m slow answering back… computer problems.  I didn\’t know anyone rode bikes over a hundred mile back a hundred years ago.  Now that would be a story.  An interesting peek into a day in your life.  About your previous blog… I am also perplexed, like Thotman.  I don\’t believe that  US policy is flawless… far from it.  But,going back to  1776, like you did, neither is British, or any other soverien policy.  Anyway, Thotman\’s questions and your replies  have been most interesting to  read.  They still have me thinking.  Ron

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