happy birthday.

                              Happy birthday, Willow. 1 today.
Her first year has been a struggle, but her inward will to survive has won through. The prognosis is good. I sometimes wonder what lies ahead for her – will the tears of pain and joy be fairly distributed? Will she find "happiness" – a state of mind for which we all strive but few acquire. Will her life be tormented by racial and religious disputes….the seeds of which,sadly, do not fall on stony ground.  Perhaps the one thing,though not truly defined, which we all cherish,but have too much of, is freedom? I now visualise every hue in the political spectrum rolling up sleeves, hands wringing,cracking fingers as keyboards are hammered…….!  
We have this perception,that as individuals, we are free to do what we, "bloody well want" We can abuse our bodies with gay abandon,with sex,drugs,cigarettes and alcohol. Happy slapping our way to anarchy.We pollute the soil,air and seas of our fragile planet with no thought as to its and our eventual extinction. Society has lost respect,not just for its leaders but for its self. Effective control of a safer and more civilised country will be to reduce the freedom of the individual, and erode the way of life to which the majority still aspire. ‘Human rights’ are in fact degrading the morals many of us were taught at sunday school.
My hope is that my Granddaughter lives each day,not as if it were her last, [as we did during the cold war of the 1950’s and 60’s], but as a prequel to a better tomorrow.

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  1. yea, bruckner has been the surprise hit of this years proms i think, with regard to tape, well, dab is crud compared to fm and at £30 a roberts cassette recorder is considerably cheaper than a £100 bug or £200 pure 3… still, sd cards can store more info than a 45 minute tape eh, still, is just for casual listening, for proper listening, best to go to cd 🙂

  2. Sorry, but that is so  sweet, wish your granddaughter a wonderful life filled with tthe good we all desire.

  3. great post, couldnt agree more.   my grandson was 1 last friday.
    heres hoping for a better tomorrow for your kin and mine.
    love, beth. x

  4. Absolute freedom corrupts just as surely as absolute power………….thank you for the comment on my space. Yes we should all strive to be better in every way and,if this were a perfect world,we all would be.
    I hope that your beautiful granddaughter had a lovely day on her birthday, may she grow and learn to live in her world.
    Blessed Be

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