Well, the man said on the radio……
"Most people confuse morality with disgust and revulsion, which is a receipe for prejudice."
The OED tells me that:
Ethic is, " a set of moral principles." Moral is, "Concerned with: Goodness and badness; Accepted rules and standard of human behaviour. Prejudice is,"preconceived notion, intolerance."
I was baptised into the christian faith. All the notions of right and wrong, good or evil have been set down in the 10 commandments and a list of seven deadly sins. From my scant knowledge of the beliefs of other religious doctrines they all preach these same moral principles. If I break an "accepted" rule I am punished.
What happens when society changes the rules? Changes which I find totally unaccepable? Changes which, for example, accept sodomy and  materialism. Where the phrase, ‘one for all and all for one,’take on a whole new meaning. 
I have a preconcieved notion that taking a life is wrong. I am prejudiced against murderers. Well,I refuse to accept the changes society has made over the last 50 years in its moral standards, I refuse to recognise societies decadence. I am prejudiced, I am intolerant, therefore I am immoral.

7 thoughts on “I AM IMMORAL.

  1. I am with you 100% standing by your side with this.  I am also glad I visited you today just to remind me what I have always known but due to pressures driving me (trying to) underground "We don\’t stop playing because we grow old ; We grow old because we stop playing !"   I am now going to continue playing – am sick of \’being my age\’ yuck.  I want to LIVE if only for a short time dont care – better than living another 20 years or so miserable!!!  Thank you for reminding me!   <hugs> xxx

  2. It takes courage to walk that line again, I reckon we\’ve all been bitten at least once and strangely seem to judge everyone by that one bite… I\’m glad I stopped doing that or I wouldnt have the friend I have today…
    Hope the weekend was a wonderful one for you
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  3. thanks for the comment, but an suv is totally impractical for my (unfortunately) suburban surroundings (and they are also incredibly slow, unless it has been tweaked).  my little golf gti is old and a bit scruffy, but its goes stupendously well and when I find a bit of open road he (the gti) gives me a massive grin. nice of you to stop by my space. yours looks great, with a very thought provoking blog.  I love the poem \’alone and drinking under the moon\’ I heard it in a piece of music by vangelis, although I think the words were changed slightly.

  4. Actually I have to give the Canadian gov\’t some credit, by creating the "One Ton Challenge" and we acknowledge the fact of global warming. The transit systems here in BC have started the replacement of all buses with the new Nova\’s, a more fuel efficient city bus. And smart-cars and hybrids are, granted expensive, but slowly making the market in automobile sales. We don\’t like it any more than any other country I suppose, but it all comes down to signing the Kyoto Agreement, and working from there at a larger, more grand scale as well as small. I hope that one day all countries ~cough~US~cough~ will follow Canada\’s beginning of lessening emissions in the air to assist in the slowing down of global warming.

  5. looks like i am too, immoral i mean, but then iv\’e known that for ages.
    but some of societies changes i can accept, so am i only partially immoral lol.

  6. It doesn\’t take religion to know the differences between right and wrong.  Societies today are quite adept at blurring the lines.  Human capacity to rationalize is the greatest difference between us and the rest of the animal kingdom.  Not to say it is the greatest thing about us, no, not at all.
    I figure that I can\’t do much about the "societies" but I can do something about myself.
    It all starts and ends with me… and my children… as I am their greatest influence. 
    Thanks for stopping by my space.  I hope you had a chance to click on the video link that Cheryl left in a comment.  Interesting stuff… some of it was a little shaky on the details but it was well resourced.
    Nice to "meet" you.

  7. No my special friend, you are with out a doubt a person who has good values. ANd I like that about you.
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)

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