autumnal Equinox

21st / 22nd September

Also celebrated as: Mabon, Harvest Festival, Alban Elued

This is the celebration of the second harvest. We give thanks to Nature once more for providing its bounty. It is the beginning of autumn and the start of the darkness, for once more the days and nights are of equal length.

In the story of the Goddess and the God, she is alone and overseas the harvest of fruits and crops to ensure that there is enough to provide for the harsh times ahead. The God of summer and light has passed. He now journeys to the Underworld where he will reign for the winter months


6 thoughts on “autumnal Equinox

  1. I have long been intrigued by the Autumnal Equinox.  It is significant in Christian, Jewish, and as you  have mentioned, many other beliefs and legends.  Some day I\’ll give it proper study.  Sorry, I\’ve been away so long.  Sometimes I envy your retirement.  Someday, I\’ll have enough time.  I just can\’t get around to  do all I want to… but reading you and Thotman comenting back and forth… that\’s good reading.  Even though my views would be classified as  conservitive American, I enjoy reading and trying to  understand how and why others see these things.  Good reading for this time challenaged American working class guy.  Thanks for the posts.  Ron

  2. Season\’s Greetings. I too am a fan of the equinoxes (if that is the plural) and like them better than the solstices actually.
    I was initially taken aback by your blog as at first reading it seemed you had banished the Goddess alone and overseas
    On re-reading, I asume this to be a typo
    adios, and keep blogging

  3. in fact ,i like autumn very much as you could see on my blog.Autumn is a harvest season and it is comfortable to human ,also it is a season to think and memorize .

  4. Happy Autumnal Equinox, have you the fair Isle sweaters out yet??  Hope this finds you well, try to stay warm in that drafty old castle (what do you do for heat?? aside from the occasional nip from a flask??) Stop by when you get the chance,  Sheila
    ps My 13 year old is studing Al-gebra, he will be taking a copy of that to his teacher at the academy he attends, he\’ll be sure to let them know it came from a gentleman in a castle from across the pond (heh heh heh)
    PPS Did you see that Lisa from the ranch made the 1 of 4 for featured spaces?  check out her pics if you haven\’t already

  5. Well have a good Autumnal equinox thingymabub wont ya…. oh and a good weekend as well… would have been by sooner but some buggar superglued a paintbrush to mi hand and I\’ve been trying to rid myself of it now for over a week… lol
    have a brilliant weekend Mr. castle dweller…
    hugs you
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  6. Thank you for visiting my page.  I find on my return visit that we have quite a lot in common as to whom we like to read. The exception being Mr Wheatly the satanist you listed. Never heard of him.
    Nonetheless, I wish to answer your question.  You asked if I did not think the trade off  of having genetic testing available to insurance companies and etc. would be worth it to avoid passing on a disease to my children.  I was addressing CASUAL testing..citizen driven testing because it is available.  Not testing that a Dr. deems either needed or responsible to do. So, no, I don\’t think a person sitting and drinking coffee whatever in his/her living room reading the newspaper about genetic testing on demand should just leap up and go have all the testing down that is available.   If it is just curiosity, I think should something be found, you may have a hard time getting insurance afterward to cover your would-be medical bills.  If you have some fear or indication that something is the matter then yes, you have a duty to yourself and your family to find out and do something about it if possible.

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