It is always sad when someone of your aquaintence is rejected by the object of their passion, desire, love – call it what you will. I have never subscribed to the saying that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Experience, mine and from observation, prompts me  to ask why? Why is it deemed a useful part of growing up to bring or to have pain inflicted on you? When it does happen to a friend you feel so helpless. Do you say nothing? After all words are so meaningless, they do not want to hear the usual cliches – least of all that,’ there are more fish in the ocean’. With me it brings back my own personal pain – even after two decades. How can you help? Do they need your help? A trouble shared….. A shoulder to cry on? A sympathetic ear? Will silence appear to reflect indifference? Does your pain for their suffering reflect your love for them?


My 2007 holiday brochure arrived yesterday. When you are retired you do tend to plan ahead ! Do I go on a 17 day tour of Northern Europe, or settle for less arduous 14 day tours of France or Spain/Portugal? What little is left of my maternal Norman and paternal Huguenot blood feels drawn to la belle france. I find Paris, like London to be intimidating to the tourist. I suppose that could be said of all capitals?  Spain and its history are facinating – shall I toss a 2 euro piece, heads…..tails…?        I will let you know soon!


4 thoughts on “HORNS OF DILEMMAS

  1. Good morning, good morning!
    Ah, the trials of retirement .. your fate determined by the toss of a coin!  HA!  I would vote for Spain, the history and all.  Whatever you do today, have fun! 

  2. Good afternoon to you
    It is always difficult to help those who you love and care about through painful times.
    I look forward to hearing which holiday venture you will choose to decide on.
    Take care, have fun….

  3. Howdy doody mi laird… well your first batch of questions I reckon most people who hurt like that don\’t so much need you to comment on it, they probably know all the answers anyway, most just need a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen and just to say \’it will be ok\’… pain like that never goes away, just kinda fades and there\’s always some little thing along the way that reminds you its still there. I guess things like that moulds the people we become…
    Anyways.. as for the interview, I looked hard at my interviewers and not one of em looked nervous..LOL… I think I felt the nerves for the 4 of us…
    have a brill rest o week you
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  4. I vote for the 17 days in north Europe.  I have done most of that, the near east, just Europe in general.  Been awhile.  I may consider something like that for myself now I have the time.
    In any event, when it happens, certainly enjoy.
    Regards "better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all"…I agree with that.  It would be a shame never to set forth for fear of losing.  Pain is a part of living.  Things cannot always be right for you.  It literally does make us stronger while we acknowledge the pain.

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