The older I get the less I believe in religious or political indoctrination. My profound dismay at the statement by the Amish relative who said the brutal murder of five children was the will of god and that he forgave the maniac who wiped out in an instant, those innocent lives, has  finally convinced me that his god just does not exist.
How can such evil be the will of any god?
If his version of the christian god is false, how many others are equally false? Make up the rules as you go along? The pope has decided that the 400 year theory of the existance of ‘limbo’ is now false. Babies born and who sadly die before baptism can now go directly to heavan, instead of being in limbo. Nothing to do with the fact that the muslim faith has believed this all along? 
From commoners to english kings, all have formed there own version of christianity. All with there well doctrinated adherents. The koran and bible say there is only one god. It is time to renounce all the false prophets just as the people of eastern europe destroyed the false disciples of communism.
I will continue to believe in right and wrong, perform acts of charity, and attempt to live a honest life.  I prefer to watch a sunrise, hear a birdsong, remember the birth of my children and be filled with the awe of nature, than to hear all the mumbo jumbo from the warlike, mainstream, world religions.

4 thoughts on “Disbelief

  1. Im with you.
    I am sick to death of what \’man\’ will say and do in the name of God. 

  2. HI Laird,  As always, it\’s nice to hear from you.  Yes, maybe someday I\’ll not feel the pressure of my workday and then miss it.  I think you are right about that… the first month of quiet would be nice though. 
    "My" Adam Smith was born in the US in 1855 or 1856.  But his father and mother were from Scotland… around the Perth and Clackmannan areas.  Probably no relation to Adam Smith "the father of economics". 
    Yes,  it\’s just a traditional formality for the fellow to "ask permission" of the girl\’s father.  If I said no it wouldn\’t stop a thing… except my participation in the wedding.  Of course I like the guy and am happy about the engagement, so that\’s not a problem for me.
    Regarding your blog, I don\’t understand the thinking that because bad things happen in the world and people believe it was God\’s will (which I don\’t personally believe) and because man\’s interpertation of who God is or what his "rules are" changes… that doesn\’t mean to me that God doesn\’t exist.  It means that man is mortal and makes mistakes and doesn\’t understand God.  But I don\’t see it as proof that he doesn\’t exsist.  Now on politics… I can come much closer to your views.  And yes… the wonders of nature… Inspiring.   Enjoy your peace and solitude.  Ron

  3. Hi Laird, Well said – organised religion often has more to do with (human) power than "God". Thanks for dropping bye and reading my blog. I wasn\’t sure whether you were deciding in favour of Russia or AGAINST Russia! The people are very friendly, provided they are interacting on a social or professional basis (and not in a "service role"). I am interested in family history as well. My relatives, on my fathers side, are all from Ireland; on my mothers side, a mix of Ireland, Denmark, and England. Nice to meet you – the village looks very picturesque. 

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