SOS – Save our Swallows


 I read in a news item that South Africa – home of gay marriage and aids, is about to demonstrate more moderization. Four million swallows that migrate annually to that country are to have their habitate polluted by unnecessary development. The burghers of Durban are about to construct a new international airport on this sensitive site. A study compiled by the Pietermaritzburg-based Institute of Natural Resources, a nongovernmental organisation says," 224 species of birds were recorded at the site. The presence of barn swallows is the primary environmental concern counting against the development of Durban International Airport. More than a million barn swallows are roosting, with up to 2-million of the birds calculated last year. These would undoubtedly represent a safety issue for aircraft. It warns noise pollution will be a significant consequence for areas such as Mount Moreland and Herrwood."

Wildlife preservation seems low on that countries list of liberal priorities: Long line tuna fishing vessals in South African waters kill at least ten albatrosses every day. I hope some sense prevails and Britains summer visitors, and the albatrosses,are not killed in the name of wanton commercialism. The airport is part of preparatons of the worldcup soccer circus scheduled to take place in SA in 2010.

Yet more money being channelled towards that continent.  Africa – from Abbysinia to Zanzibar. Ghana to Kenya, a continent where western aid disappears at a faster rate than blood at a vampires convention. The only folk who benefit are the gnomes of zurich – managing swiss bank accounts for corrupt regimes. The poorest and most vunerable being made to suffer for the greed of the likes of the meglomaniac mugabe. But I ask myself has this not always been the way? Inter-tribal battles. Four hundred years ago thhey sold ‘prisoners of war’ to passing ships’ captains for a few bangles, beads and bibles!! Today they sell the pictures of their starving masses, [brought on by irrational economic policies], to a gullible western world. As a killer drug-resistant tuberculosis bug is investigated in Natal, I cannot imagine any sensible soccer fan even contemplating a visit to that country as, in a state of post colonial stupor, it descends into anarchy and self destruction.

Yes I am banging the drum for the Empire. Every country that won independance was left with a viable legal, education and economic platform from which to operate. Australia, New Zealand, India/Pakistan, Canada, US of A and, dare I mention, South Africa. It would appear that only on the African continent has that legacy been wilfully corrupted and destroyed.


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  1. Well said – Football and corrupt govenments have a lot to answer for.   I have a friend who lives in South Africa and they have all the roads up over there, causing horrendous traffic delays, and all in preparation for the football in 2010. My friend had a horrendous 22 hour car journey because of all the roadworks.  All that money spent on roads to accomodate sports fans, who will be gone in a few weeks.  Yet in the meantime there are people homeless and dying and more wildlife threatened with extinction, all that money could make such a difference.  It is about time the governments of this world got their priorities right and started spending money on things that are really important.  I will now stop ranting on your Space, but I am glad you have highlighted the plight of our Swallows.  Love and Light xx

  2. There are two main factors on the mass of SA.
    One is the local government,the other is the  colonist gov.
    Both counts.
    If both sides could unite,SA may be better.

  3. Just a note: South Africa has been an independant nation since 1907 and since 1994 is ruled by the ethnic majority.

  4. Our New Rainbow Government will not give a zot about the birdlife that could be endangered should the international airport goe ahead. How could you expect them to be concerned about the wellbeing of the paltry swallow when they have so little consideration or respect for human life?
    We are a country in crisis; it is either going to continue to slide downhill and over the edge of the precipice or there will be an extreme and ugly reaction in an effort to bring about law and order, eradicate corruption and find a way forward that is truly for the benefit of the whole nation.
    I live in a beautiful home in what is deemed the most affluent suburb of Cape Town. Yet I live surrounded by 24 hour armed response. How much more degeneration and break down of the fabric of this society will I (and others) put up with before I (we) decide that this beautiful country no longer offers or holds quality of life………..
    The Rainbow Governmet was handed a country of which infrastructure and systmes were in good working order, they no longer are. and yet they feel the can host 2010 games Hah!
    It is interesting to read that both black and white South Africans are pouring into the emigration offices as they feel there is no future for this country.

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