Guest Poet……….Scarlet

My Blessing to You

May the Strength of the Wind
and the Light of the Sun,
the Softness of the Rain
and the Mystery of the Moon
Reach you and Fill you.
May Beauty Delight you
and Happiness Uplift you,
may Wonder Fulfil you
and Love Surround you.
May your Step be Steady
and your Arm be Strong,
may your Heart be Peaceful
and your Word be True.
May you Seek . . . to Learn,
may you Learn . . . to Live,
may you Live . . . to Love,
may you Love . . . Always.

 ‘Scarlett’ somewhere in Italy.


5 thoughts on “Guest Poet……….Scarlet

  1. very cool poem, Laird, thanks to you for printing it here for all of us.  I do enjoy stopping by……
    wishing you and your castle well…

  2. that was a beautiful poem!
    it kinda reminded me of the Irish Blessing poem

  3. Laird–appreciate the encouragement to come to Europe!  It is the 10,000 years of history that interests me most, (and the hope that our college choir could sing in those grand old cathedrals…).
    And the castles!  Yes! 
    Is your comment about \’volcanos\’ a reference to our live volcano here in the Northwestern part of the USA? (Mt St Helens as you probably already know) is stunning to see! and I shall never tire of going to see it.  It is still puffing frequently, just steam venting mostly, but we do still get an occasional ash eruption, not nearly the violence of the great eruption of the early 1980\’s, thank goodness.  One can still see the once-giant forest laid flat in the area where they left it as it was, and really, the mountain looks like a gigantic barnacle that has had the side chipped off, and is hollow inside.  BREATHTAKING to see!  I can see it everyday from the road going to town.

  4. I really needed to read this poem at this time after some sad news about my father\’s health.  That was a beautiful poem!  I laughed at the comment on my space about how tortured you would be if a woman was spending YOUR money:)  Hope all is well in your castle.  Have a great week!

  5. lovely poem, just popped by to see how ya are, and wish you a lovely week…
    hugs you
    Eth 🙂 xxx

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