Castle Update . . .

Well folks it has been a long time since I have been in the mood to put keyboard to screen. The good news is that Alex has been out of intensive care now for a week. He has been transferred to a hospital in Jorvik. He is feeding well and beginning to put on some weight. I can hear the relief in his parents voices and trust he continues the recovery which the medical staff at Leed’s predict.  Because of this cold/cough I have not visited my youngest Grandchild but look forward to seeing him soon.
This morning I had a hall/stair carpet fitted by a well known local company. The colour is nt so different to the old one so it will be interesting how long it takes the few guests I have to notice the difference!
I have also booked the next stage of the Laird’s Grand Tour of Europe. In May I shall be ‘doing’ Spain and Portugal so expect to be bored with my holiday snaps in around 3 month’s time!  Must remember to get Spanish phrase book from Waterstone’s, unless Cee starts a language class!
Just so you know I am almost back to form: February 2nd 1650 is the birthday of  Nell Gwynne, Comedy actress and mistress of Charles II. Now not many people know that ! 

3 thoughts on “Castle Update . . .

  1. Dear Laird,perhaps you need to rest up a bit and get to feeling better, there is a definate snip in your tone…(giggle giggle)Hope you\’re brighter real soon, as I said before, I know it has been difficult as of late…your NC friend, Sheila

  2. pleased you had good news on Alex .
    Spain & Portugal sound good to me  wish I was going somewhere warmer than here .Though we do have sunshine today !
    looking forward to seeing the holiday  pics .

  3. I loved Spain and Portugal; they both have a lot of interesting history; I look fwd to hearing what you have to write of your visit.
    Good news about baby Alex

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