And Further On

 The 2nd of February was Candlemas Day or if you are working by the old Julian calendar it is the 15th of February. The day marks the end of the old 40 day Christmas period and marks the halfway point of winter. This ancient day has been a day associated with the meeting of witch’s covens and pagans celebrate this as the ‘Festival Of Lights’. It was from this point onwards the days got steadily lighter and heralded the approaching Spring.



We saw the heavens break and all the world go down to sleep
and rocks on mossy banks drip acid rain from craggy steeps
Saw fiery angels kiss the dawn
Wish you goodbye till further on
Will you still be there further on?

And troubled dynasties, like legions lost, have blown away
Hounds hard upon their heels call to their quarry
wait and play
Before the last faint light has gone
Wish you goodbye till further on
Will you still be there further on?

The angry waves grow high
cut icy teeth on northern shores
Brave fires that flicker, cough
give way to winds
through broken doors
And with the last line almost drawn
wish you goodbye till further on
Will you still be there further on? 

      Jethro Tull – Lyric


5 thoughts on “And Further On

  1. Well roll on Spring thats all I can say, save, have a nice Saterday.

  2. Hi,Harold,How are you these days?
    It is a good day to celebrate,for the winter will go away.
    May you have a nice weekend^^

  3. Saw your post on another site … so I decided to investigate.  Lovely castle!!
    Wish you goodbye till further on.

  4. laird…your anticdotal use of florida as evidence of global warming would be ok were it not for the lost of so many to hurricanes of much greater power in a time when the new religion was not being preached…you are indeed fixated on the USA…the fact is that the USA may produced 25% of the polution…while its economy is far larger…china is much more harmful to the environment with an economy which will do nothing but grow..and the polution controls well be zero… what is it that has you babbling about the bible..resurection…the religion of global warming has adherants like you who are as zealous as any religionist with just about the same evidence for your faith

  5. Greetings from Cape Town…..nice little soupcon with regard to the comming of srping. I notice the change in the morning and evening light where I live, an indication that autum is on its way in.
    take care
    have a good day too

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