Thanks Postman

 Yesterday I received a present from Uncle Ernie – £50. It will go toward the car mot and  service next week. Today the world’s cardshops will be returning to the warehouses their unsold stocks of valentine cards and stocking up with easter bunnies. Hearts for crosses ! One refuge for chocaholics, [Thornton’s], reported that dozens of folk were hedging their bets and buying two or three choccy hearts, with different names on them ! The age of romance is well and truly dead! On reflection, it has been for years, that is if it ever existed in the first place.

Why it was great to be single on Valentine’s Day

or The sofa is for sitting on, not sleeping on.

inspired by a recent ivillage article.

I don’t have to hide the remote control just before "Match of the Day" begins.

I don’t have to listen to a minute by minute account of her day at the office.

There are no dirty mugs or plates in the sink, waiting for me to washup. {"We don’t need a dishwasher when I have you"}

I CAN buy and write my own Mother’s day/ Christmas cards.

I don’t forget ALL the pre – birthday/anniversary/christmas present hints – Its just I’m not a millionaire!

I can be moody without anyone trying to find out if something’s wrong!

I love being able to have control over what I spend and where I spend it.

I control my finances and if I screw up, it’s my fault, not because she has spent money we need on a new outfit. [When over half the cupbord space is full of clothes shoes and handbags that "are out of fashion"]

I can open the bank statement without suffering a heart attack.

I can have the relatives/mates around she never really liked.

I don’t have to put up with visits from her infantile friends!

I don’t have to say all her friends are uglier than her. [The sofa is for sitting on not sleeping on].

I no longer spend hours wandering around Next pretending not to look at the other customers….

I can eat what I want. [Actually eating THAT last Rolo !]

I don’t have anyone asking, "Is my bum fat in this?" [The sofa is for sitting on not sleeping on].

I don’t have to worry about what sort of food to buy in case she is on another diet.

I don’t have to worry about buying "healthy" foods in case she thinks,I think,she SHOULD be on a diet.

I can cook real food instead of having to eat all those "time saving" ready meals.

I can surf to my hearts content.

I can listen to Elvis without hearing about bananas

I can watch Tom & Jerry without being told to grow up.

I can enjoy sleeping in my double bed and having it all to myself. [The sofa is for sitting on not sleeping on].

I can have the duvet over me ALL night. Winter AND Summer.

I can go to bed when I please. Saving a fortune on headache tablets [!!].

I don’t have to hear how well her previous boyfriend performed.

I can read all night and have the radio on.

I can wake up and not hearing the sound of snoring.

I am not woken up with two freezing feet in the small of my back . . .

There’s plenty of space in the wardrobe.

I can make a mess, and never tidy it up.

I can drink coffee/ beer/wine out of a mug.

I am entitled to an opinion,and NO I am not wrong every time!.[ The sofa is for sitting on not sleeping on].

I don’t have to watch Eastenders, Lost or Desparate Housewives. .

I don’t have to take being called sexist when I disagree with what she says.[The sofa is for sitting on not sleeping on].

I can wear the same trouser’s for two or three days without getting a hygiene lecture.

I don’t have to listen to her hyperventilating every time Brad Pitt or George Clooney appear on TV.

The bath is nt decorated with drying tights and thongs.

I can actually get INTO the bathroom without an appointment

I love not being accountable to anyone – if I want to do something, I just do it!

I have FREEDOM to choose, without compromise.{ ie compromise = doing what she wants}.

The sofa is for sitting on, not sleeping on.


Finally, apologies to those who read this last year !


5 thoughts on “Thanks Postman

  1. Hello… saw that you stopped by my blog. I wanted to clarify. I was speaking particularly about Police Officers and the Fire Brigade, not of war and US politics, of which I have never place my opinion on my blog. I have chosen not to share my opinion of the \’war\’ or what-have-you because, as such things are, these opinions are deeply personal and opinion only. Plus, hind sight is always 20/20. It\’s very easy to sit at this point in time and look back and say \’they should have done this\’ or \’they should have done that\’.
    Remember, the old adage: When a man asked of God, \’why didn\’t you send help?\’ God replied, \’I did, I sent you.\’
    Tottle Pip old Bean
    — Fizz —

  2. I love this … I once heard a comedienne say "I want a man in life … just not in my house."  I think that more or less covers my attitude.  I haven\’t always felt that way but I\’ve come to realize that while I\’d love to have a man in my life who\’ll give me a nice lovin\’ roll in the covers now and then … I don\’t want to wash his socks.

  3. I find that romance does indeed exist as does sharing, caring, nurturing, respect, give and take.
    And more importantly, if you want the above you need to be the above.
    Have a lovely week end

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