data 4 u


I have been tidying up the computer – putting stuff in files and then into folders [whichever!],defragmenting and all that. I have also rejigged, [now there’s an engineering term from the past], the picture files on here. They were getting too bulky and I doubt if you folk out there have time to read my ramblings and look at all the images.The beginning of the spring cleaning season has arrived in the castle ! I am still having trouble with all the data I have collected for my genealogy research. A year ago the programme crashed and despite reloading from the back up,[No not everything on here is backed up with such care!], it has nt worked properly since. I am now looking for a more efficient, idiot proof one!

Several months ago someone left one of these questionnaires which I lost. So here is another:

   4 Jobs I have had:


Office Manager

purchasing clerk

filing clerk

  4 places I have lived:





          4 favorite TV programmes:


Any Star Trek

Yes Minister

Inspector Morse

Time Team


4 favorite films:

39 steps


swimming pool

the life of brian

4 places I have visited:





       4 places I visit every day in cyberspace:


my genealogy programmes

the castle space

…there are only 24 hours in a day !


 4 favourite foods [!]:

carrot and coriander soup


lancashire hotpot

apple pie

         4 places I would rather be right now


maison in france

cottage in devon

records office, chester.

british library.

   4 places I would like to visit:

western australia

south africa


st. petersburgh 

4 books I never tire of re – reading:

world of wooster


the clan of the cave bear

christmas carol

The difficulty of choice varies – particularly the food one! Maybe ‘beast of the field,fowl,vegetable and alcholic beverages’ was too wide ?

its 4 u 2 choose.


5 thoughts on “data 4 u

  1. I\’m just stopping in to catch up.  I see you have had some very good dialog this past week.  Enjoyed the list you topped off your week with… If Apple pie is on your list of favorites… My Beautiful Wife makes one that would that would melt your castle walls.  Have a great week.  Ron 

  2. Morning mi laird,
    A quick run in to wish you a wonderful Sunday… hours of the day are disappering these days…need to re-organise something along the way…lol.
    loved the list and yep think we\’d all like to be in a cottage in Devon right now.
    take care you.
    Eth 🙂 xxx

  3. So here I am again reading through your poem and data4you, all interesting stuff. So….why don’t you visit Africa?
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. T he Yorvik center was very interesting thankyou for asking, alas, was not alowed to take any pic\’s inside. 
    I have always felt an affinity with the vikings, they certainly left their genes all along the east coast of England and Scotland, they must have had a rare old time of it what with all that paping and rillaging.
    I spent ten years living in Stockholm during the seventies and still visit as often as I can to see my daughter.
    I enjoy reading your blogs. 
                                               Peace.  Kenny.

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