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In the UK, 95% of the energy used by mobile phone chargers is wasted. Only 5% is actually used to charge the phone and the rest is wasted by leaving the charger plugged in. It takes a forest with an area equivalent to 500 football pitches to absorb all the CO2 produced by chargers that are left plugged in.
Have you noticed the increasing number of spaces that are being used as picture files? No Blogs, even the photo’s are of anonymous places and folk. . . How long will it before conversation ends and we communicate with forefinger and optical nerve, or by government edict ?  

St David’s Day

For centuries the first of March has been a national festival. St David was recognized as a national patron saint a very long time ago, at the height of Welsh resistance to the Normans. In our time, on this one day, everyone and anyone with a connection to Wales remembers their Welsh origins and connections.
In 2003 in the United States, St David’s Day was recognized officially as the national day of the Welsh, and on 1st March the Empire State Building was floodlit in the national colours, red, green and white. It is invariably celebrated by Welsh societies throughout the world with dinners, parties, recitals and concerts. On this day many people wear (where they can find them!) a daffodil, traditionally Wales’s national flower.

St David’s Day unites Welsh people worldwide in a celebration of their shared identity.


 Hello, my name is Alexander Nicalas, My daddy says I am not old enough to have my own blog, [I am nearly 10 weeks old], so I am practising on Granddads space. I have been visiting him in his castle. We had to go on a train – it went so fast everything was a blur when I looked out the window. I am getting better after being in hospital and having tubes and things stuck in me, a doctor sewed up a hole in my heart and mended two valves in it. I met lots of nice nurses who helped get me better. I still have to take medicine which is nt very nice and even though I cry a little they still keep giving it to me. I sent my first birthday card yesterday. March 1st is my Uncle Mark’s birthday, I am not sure why mummy daddy and granddad laughed at the card – they mentioned ‘joke’ but I am not sure what that means.  I let granddad feed me – He did quite well , but he would nt change my nappy – said that was a job for mummies and daddies. Then a nice little girl came to see me with her mummy, I let her nurse me for a while. She was given a biscuit but I did nt get one. When you read this I will be back home in Yorvik . . . .It’s time for my sleep now, bye bye



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  1. A lovely snippet ‘from’ Alexander…pleased to hear that he is doing well enough to visit his granddaddy.
    I have to also add that I love and support your latest favourite quote.
    Take care and enjoy your week-end

  2. Hi thanks for poping in, you r most welcolme, love the pic of yr grandson, what a cutie.
    Feel free to pop in to my site any time, u can allso check out my hubbie robs site to.u are welclome.
    have a great weekend
    take it easy
    tracy x

  3. Laird,
    so glad to hear from you, as I sit here, through my front windows, I am watching a driving rain you could not imagine (after having rained all last night) and we are under a tornado warning.  Time to get the polka dot rain boots out, though at almost 70 degrees I could wear them with shorts!!-wouldn\’t though (giggle giggle).
    Will be back to soon to see what you have been up to, Sheila

  4. Beautiful grandson you have there … you must be so proud … wonderful to hear he\’s doing well.  He\’ll be charging around before you know it.  My own grandson has just started to crawl and pull himself up on things … oh boy!!   Seems like only yesterday I was getting that first snuggle (picture on my space).  I get to tend him every Thursday and Friday … he\’ll be here any minute … my kind of Friday night fun these days.  I love every minute of it. 🙂
    Happy Weekend!

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