Monday 12 March 2007 is

Commonwealth Day 2007

The theme this year is ‘Respecting Difference, Promoting Understanding.’

The Commonwealth consists of 53 nations, some 2 billion people, sharing common values such as democracy, good governance and advancing the cause of peace and prosperity. Whilst respecting differences, the Commonwealth works to promote international understanding, equality and mutual respect in a multicultural world.

Some weeks ago on a mindless reality tv show an ‘Essex Girl’ called a young lady from India a ‘Pompadom Queen’ this so enraged some 40,000 viewers, who regarded this comment as ‘racist’. In fact a small protest was organised in down town bombay – whoops, Mumbai, accusing the show and this country of being racist bigots.

I for one could only curl up and laugh. This mob in the sub continent seems to forget that they accept as normal when a 12 year old girl can be forced into an arranged marriage. That 140,000,000, [140 million] are treated less that slaves and are  exploited by the rest of the population – they are the ‘Untouchables’ – [An Indian description not mine]. That children as young as 6 or 7 can be enslaved to work in factories and mines. I am sick of political correctness that seeks to divide rather than bring together the peoples of the world. I see absolutely nothing wrong with ‘Poppadom Queen’ or for instance, ‘Pie Eaters’ [ Inhabitants of Wigan], ‘Scousers’ [Liverpudlian]. Are we to stop calling red headed folk, ‘Ginger’? Am I to be deprirved of all those ‘Blonde jokes’?
It is about time all these people with large chips on their shoulders lightened the burden and got to grips with the real ‘enemy.’ The chaos in Sudan is nothing compared to that in other countries. Last week the United Nations and the Commenwealth celebrated  the 50th anniversary of Ghana’s independance, a landmark in that continent, but how can I have any respect for African politics when a maniac  is allowed to destroy the people and the country of Zimbabwe?

  Red nose day is nt helping the children in that country!!!!   On a month-on-month basis inflation jumped by 45.4%, compared to the 36.3% rise seen in December. The country has been hit by an unemployment rate of more than 80% and chronic shortages of food and fuel. Don’t blame the colonialists, blame robert mugabe.


    ‘Respecting Difference, Promoting Understanding.’   but also do something positive to end oppression.


5 thoughts on “Monday 12 March 2007 is

  1. You expressed many of my feelings in this blog.  I see you asked my Beautiful Wife for a sunset picture… You are right… our landscape lends well to mezmerizing, stunning sunrises and sunsets.  Beauty in a desert waste land.  I have loved your last bit of blogging here.  I spent a half hour of time I should have been sleeping.  Time well spent.  Take care, Ron

  2. You would fit in very well here….. most of the men love living here.. but their wives dont\’ like it unless they have lived here their whole lives.  ehhehe…   I will admit the sunrises and sunsets are beautiful.  It just lacks the vegitation of the GREEN color I love. hehehe..   Have a wonderful day.  Vallerie

  3. Yes, yes, yes to all that you write in this particular blog. Im with you!

  4. What a coincidence that you mention Chenonceau on my blog.  Husband and I (along with four friends) are planning a trip to France in May and staying for several nights in a hotel "across the road" from the chateau. I can hardly wait!
    Soon I think I will have to post my geneaology–as you have done.  My earliest ancestor was born about 1680 in Port William, Scotland.

  5. May I add another comment? 
    I know exactly what you mean about the African continent.  I am in the Episcopal church in the US.  As you may know, the Nigerian bishop is having a fit that we have ordained a gay man as bishop and that we have a women presiding bishop.  In his country homosexuals are put in prison, and it is against the law for gay persons to eat together in a restaurant.  (additionally, I read that this same bishop\’s son is gay.) 
    Anyway, that part of the world is very different from those of us in your part of the world and in mine.

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