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My morning begins with breakfast – not the egg, bacon, toast and marmalade of a holiday breakfast but the toast and yogurt or porridge of a healthy  but essential start to the day. I listen to the BBC Radio4 news programme. My main complaint at the moment is – elections. Should our Chancellor take over the premiership without a party, or indeed, a national election.We are bombarded with the 2008 millionaires battle for the hearts and pockets of the US. Hardly a word about the battle for power in our nearest european neighbour – France. The result of that election in May is far more pivotal to this country,from an economic and political point,than what may or may not happen in 18 months time across the pond. The second subject being reported with the PC bias one, sadly has come to expect,is – slavery.  It will have escaped most people, apart from the jews amongst us, that as I mentioned previously, last weekend was the beginning of ‘Passover’. This is a remembrance of the first historical account of a nations enslavery, and its subsequent escape. Slavery is not a 17th century abberation. Slavery has been a way of life for humanity since time immemorial. Apology and reparation is a pathetic insult to the past and present. In 12th century manorial system of this country, the slave was at the bottom of the social scale.  The battlements at Hadrians Wall was manned with men enslaved by the Roman Empire. Today,March 2007, in Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Asia aye and in Europe there are 27 000 000, thats right, 27 Million slaves of every hue. One of my complaints about the peace marches of the 60’s was that we only burnt the stars and stripes whilst the hammer and sickle flew over eastern europe. So it is today, I see no point in castigating your or my ancestors, whatever race they belonged to, for doing what, to them was normal and condoned by Asanteman, church and lord of the manor.
As for reparation, well as a taxpayer for 40 years, £$ millions have poured into Ghana, Nigeria ect. Aid,without any noticeable improvement to the lives of the poor of most african countries. Aid in – Aids out. Or am I being too cynical?
Let the ‘guilt’ of middle england and america be concentrated on eradicating slavery in all its evil forms in the present allowing the past to be a lesson of history.
One question I have asked myself is – What are my generation doing today that my Great Great Grandchildren will find unbelievably inhumane in 200 years time ?????????
Technically it is still winter and still I have nt tried Kate’s Bobotie – well tomorrow it is on the menu……….

3 thoughts on “Thinking aloud

  1. Great blog £aird and i am not just being polite, i mean it, however, regarding "slavery" it is not as black and white as you portray.

  2. I think making apologies for \’sins\’ committed long ago by our ancestors is ridiculous and reparations are just plain wrong based on the fact that the people who actually owned the slaves won\’te be paying and the people who were slaves themselves won\’t be getting the money.   In my opinion, they\’ve just run out of ideas on how to improve race relations here in America so they are down to \’I\’m sorry … here\’s some cash.\’  Sad really … Will we ever judge each other by the content of our character rather that the color of our skin?  … nice dream …

    Ahhh, dear heart!  It\’s so good to see you!  I hope everything is wonder in your side of the continent.  I\’m catching up and hoping that everything slows down a little .. ha! .. around here.  I didn\’t to walk the sacred animal today, but by tomorrow, I thnk, I and he (what bad gramatical typing!) will have our groove back on.  My mom is doing a little better.  We should have her home by Friday.  Take care, dear one!

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