Apart from trying to keep up with modern technology on here I am able to read. Read real books. All those management dictates have gone, now it is just commonsense,a comfortable armchair, a strong mug of coffee and a book.  I read somewhere that life is about a balance between a terrestrial existence and a spiritual one – I disagree. Our existance is the essence of spirituality. Mankind has allowed religion and the people who thus control them, to hijack the truth. Our spiritual soul languishes, almost submerged in a religious quagmire. Look at the meaning of the two words religion and spiritual. The word religion in Latin actually refers to piety and the word spiritual comes from the French word esprit and refers to the breath or breathing. You are, first and foremost, spiritual. Becoming religious—practicing piety—is a result of being spiritual. You are spiritual in this world, ad infinitum. . . . all living creatures are spiritual by virtue of being given breath in the first place. Life is not about a balance between a terrestrial existence and a spiritual one. A religion will not restore spiritual community it can be argued that the ‘new’ religions have albut destroyed our spiritual heritage. Religion focuses on what pleases man. Spirituallity focuses on what pleases God. Have you noticed how ‘religion’ is defined in the western world as christianity? How the majority of souls have no meaning to Jews? How heathen was uprooted and enslaved in the name of christianity? Why deny the true path? Denying your spirituality is akin to denying the warmth of the sun or the caress of a summer wind.

 The ‘pagan’ recounted the myths and fables of his ancestors just as Jesus used parables to illustrate his message. From the freezing lands of the vikings to the tropical climes of india, from the indigineous peoples of north america to the bays and creeks of japan tales are told of a great flood. We are aware of the trek untaken by the tribe we now call israelites because it is part of recorded history. Other cultures had no written history, their artifacts lay beneath the oceans, whose waters were released by the end of the last iceage. The early christians presented the feeling of spirituality as pagan. The early Christians were the spin doctors in the decaying roman empire. The 10 commandments are a spiritual code for all mankind. The christian church has aided the weakening of this code. The catholic church indoctrinates people to react to their emotions and express them visibly. Spirituality involves one’s total self in his/her relationship to God…..If this means hugging a tree – so be it. Being spiritual involves using your mind as well as your body to accomplish God’s will.

 Fundamentalist Jew, Christian or Muslim who are assertive in the belief that his path is the only right path to God is not unusual. Everyone has the right to feel they are special. What is totally unacceptable is for this uniqueness being used as an excuse to incite religious bigotry and worse still – violence, terrorism or murder in the name of "god". There are fanatical factions and sects within these faiths who don’t want to save the indoctrinated children, because it is their belief that only God should do so. We should not allow religious psychological pressure to stop others from doing so, these hypocrites should look into their spiritual conscience, and return the innocence of our children.

 Fasting religiously involved disfigurement and emphasis on show. Fasting spiritually was cleaning yourself and making it so no one would know you were fasting. Lent is a the spiritual time to pray alone. Easter is simply a big christian jamboree – most of its traditions stolen from the pagan age of spirituality. Finally remember this echo from the spiritual world: Add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness, and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. 

                                    Enjoy the holiday.








  1. Hello and thank you for the birthday wishes. Loved all the castle pictures. I hope to visit a few castles in Europe one day. It\’s on my list of things to do. ~Mystic

  2. Morning. Very interesting reading. It always amazes me how there can be so many different religions in the world, all proclaiming that \’theirs\’ is the right one. Who really knows? We all need something to beleive in, so I choose to beleive in myself.
    Hope you have a good Easter weekend, whichever way you choose to enjoy it. I shall enjoy the rest, and quiet, save for the chirping of the birds, and hopefully the warmth of the sun. 🙂

  3. Hello Laird,  Thank you for your visits and comments.  I enjoyed reading this blog very much.  I always enjoy seeing your perspective on things.  I interpret many things differently, but your observations are often very close to mine.  Have a happy Easter.  Ron  

  4. Me again 🙂 … If it was the baptisms you were referring to, I agree with you and Jane.  I think it\’s very disrespectful to do something in someone\’s name that they would never have done when they were alive.  I didn\’t comment on that particular post of yours because I was feeling a bit of guilt by association (my Mother\’s church work).  I haven\’t been involved with any church since I was in my teens but my parents are devout Mormons. 
    Anyway … better late than never … I hope …

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