Live by the gun . . . . .

It is quite inconceivable that anyone has the right to walk into a university campus and destroy the lives of 32 fellow students. But that folks is what can happen in the land of the free. Sadly that insane love of the gun nurtured in the States is spreading via the West Indies to this country. In the last 6 months 5 black schoolchildren have been shot by gun toting black youths. Apparently it is cool to carry a gun. Why don’t our police act you may ask? Why? Because when they target the criminals they are branded as racists. Catch 22 !
Is it any surprise that our politians are held in so low esteem?

4 thoughts on “Live by the gun . . . . .

  1. Oh Boy Laird …
    It makes me weep.  There are a lot of people here who want tighter gun control laws but there are others who believe that if more people were allowed to carry guns then there would be people to stop these madmmen when they start on their rampages (this idea is much scarier to me).  Personally, I think the only way you\’d be able to stop this from happening is to remove every single gun (impossible to do) … there will always be these crazies and they are impossible to stop or predict.  On the other hand … I also believe that it should be as difficult as possible for ANYBODY to buy a gun … it is far too easy in our country.  I\’d like to say "Yeah … get rid of all guns" but I have to be realistic … I do live in the U.S.  There will always be guns here.  I tell ya the idea that more people should be able to carry guns around to protect themselves scares holy hell outta me.  I can picture it now "Oh my bad … I shot the wrong guy."
    As far as the other goes, there is no doubt that racial profiling goes on here in the U.S. and the law abiding citizens that get rousted all the time simply because of their color definitely have a legitimate complaint … but if you\’re caught with a gun or drugs in your pocket then shut your trap and take your punishment.

  2. I agree with Cindy… just sucks there are so many freaks out there to innocent people.  Hope all is well for you.  Vallerie

  3. Mass murders in schools, shootings on the street, rapes, knifings every day of the week, fanatics blowing up buildings and tube staitions, kidnappings, war in distant lands, corruption in government from top to bottom, illeagel immigrents by thier thousands,pedephiles on every street corner, pentioners beaten to death in thier own homes, for the price of a hit of heroine.
    Its a jungle out there.
    Have a pleasant day £aird.

  4. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the boboti. I trust that you will enjoy the recipes that follow which will incorporate some of the Healing Herbs & Spices discussed previously.
    With regard to guns, no one should ever be allowed to own a gun, or any weapon that can harm anyone…..but thats my opinion

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