Imprisoned in my heart I feel
Nothing else to me seems real
Every sunrise, every day
My prayers for you I feel I say
My lifes begun, now you are here
But it shalt be over if you leave I fear

Such great splendor, such great woe
The seeds of love youve yet to sow
My heart does ache, my baited breath
I am yours until my death
Ive nothing else I want to give
But I need your love, so I can live

No rhyme or reason I have found
For why my soul so tightly bound
The futures ours, so the past forget
The years were wasted, its time to collect
I live for you, my endless dream
My saffron rose, so sweet serene.
     Christopher Larsen 

One thought on “MY SAFFRON ROSE

  1. Morning £aird.
                             Great match the other night, M.U. have a problem in defence at present which they must rectify before going to Italy.
     I like the poem.
    Have you read the figures released by the met office for April, it has been the warmest April since records began. So, those barmy sunny April days you could remember must have been spent in another land, like the South of France perhaps.
    Have a pleasant  day.

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