Wednesday Wobbles. . . .

I almost missed an unusual 100th birthday. In 1907 Bakerlite was invented.A Belgian scientist named Dr. Leo Baekeland was responsible for the invention of Bakelite.  The first synthetic plastic. I can remember when my parents got rid of the old accumulator wireless and bought a brand all English Bush Radio. In its bakerlite housing.Within 15 years it had taken the world by storm. You could find everything from electrical plugs to ornate jewelry made from Bakelite. It was even used on the dashboard face of the Mercedes Benz car.
An astute investor would have made a pretty penny investing in the new technology. Today it is difficult to spot these bargins. Myself? Well I am a ‘no risk’ investor. I have nt the money to lose so invest in reliable stock. But the warning signals are flying – sooner rather than later a ‘Market adjustment ‘ will take place. The market has been on the up for 4 years – all very good for our pension funds but . . . .what goes up. .
China’s runaway economy is, sooner or later, going to hit the buffers. GDP is expanding by around 10% a year when it does fly off the rails the impact is going to be huge. The Chinese government has been furiously blowing its whistle to warn of the dangers, but many of the passengers are enjoying this so far profitable ride too much to want to get off.The derailment, almost certainly, will come from the stock market.The Chinese and American economies are so interlinked that when the dominoes collapse we will feel the draught. Having soared by 300% in the last two years, Chinese shares have almost nowhere else to go but down.  With four million new accounts opened each month, the value of stocks traded in Shanghai and Shenzhen is now higher than all the rest of Asia combined, including Japan. And we can remember the effect the japanese share index crash had on the rest of the world in the 1990’s. February’s uncertain markets showed that China can already move world markets, and when the meltdown comes we can expect falling metals and oil prices and currency market turmoil. Time to get the piggy bank out methinks ! 

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  1. I\’ve been feeling a little off all day … Wednesday Wobbles … never heard of it but it fits.

  2. Hi there £aird
    Thought I would pay you a visit you seem to be leaving comments everywhere I go, and I am highly amused at your repartee!
    Very interested in your blogg on Bakelite, it was the Buzz word of the day and I too remember my grandparents \’wireless\’ (which had wires) being made of it.   I also remember the first plastic bowl brought into their household and all the discussion it promoted, didn\’t last as long as the old enamel ones!
    Om shanti
    Suki x

  3. Good Morning £.
                                 Firstly I would like to offer my condolences on the result of the match on Saturday 🙂
    Secondly, when the concatenation between the american and chinese economise comes to it;s inevitable conclusion, you and I shall not be walking upon this crazy mixed up world, and finaly,  what is the reliable stock you invest in ? If you are looking for a blue chip investment put your money into my bank account.

  4. Hello Laird… hehhee.. well.. the turkey pot pie was actually made with leftover turkey we had a bit ago… With my size of family I\’m NOT a wasteful person.  I will try and post that recipe for you.  I have on my page a section called food and drink.  If you click on that it will take you to the recipies I have posted.  I try to make them easy and fast so that everyone can do them.  I cook mostly from scratch… (don\’t buy the premade stuff in the store)… but it is just fine if people want to use the premade things too. 
       My eye is doing much better today.  If it had gone downhill I would have seen a doctor forsure… but I think all is on the mend. 
      Enjoyed reading about Bakelite.  Always learn intersting things when visiting here.    Take care.. Vallerie

  5. I actually love to watch soccer (football, right?).  All three of my kids played when they were younger and I used to go to all their games.  Utah even has a team but I can\’t afford to go to the games and they don\’t televise them.  I find sports so much more interesting to watch if I have a local team to cheer for.  I wouldn\’t watch basketball if Utah didn\’t have a team. 

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