Over the years it has been my pleasure to speak with folk on all the continents, apart from Antartica, about all subjects – because how will we understand our equals in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe if we do not listen and exchange views?  Unlike some I do not have my head buried upto the shoulders in the sand. I understand the threat of global warming. I see the threat of economic monopoly. I disagree with the indoctrination of the mind by both religious and political dogma. The intensity of internet relationships has on one occasion clouded my mind. Typing away here is just one step away from talking to myself. Talking to oneself is they say, the first step to madness. At times I sit here and dispair of human frailties. I am not perfect, not above criticism yet there are times when  I yell, "The emperor is wearing NO clothes"
Yet I shout into a vacuum.
Does it really matter?
Perhaps I should just pass on little snippets of wisdom from third parties that can be dismissed with the press of a button. Perhaps I should draw up the Castles drawbridge.
Here is one such snippet that I trust you enjoy.



Your friend is your needs answered
He is your field
which you sow
with love
and reap
with thanksgiving.

And he is your board
and your fireside.
For you come to him
with your hunger,
and you seek him
for peace .

When your friend
speaks his mind
you fear not
the ‘nay’
in your own mind,
nor do you ‘withhold
the ‘ay’

And when he is silent
your heart
ceases not
to listen
to his heart;

For without words,
in friendship,
all thoughts,
all desires,
all expectations
are born and shared,
with joy
that is acclaimed.

When you part
from your friend
you grieve not;
For that
which you love most
in him
may be clearer
in his absence,
as the mountain
to the climber
is clearer
from the plain.

And let there be
no purpose in friendship
save the deepening
of the spirit.

For love
that seeks aught
but the disclosure
of its own mystery
is not love
but a net cast forth:
and only
the unprofitable
is caught.

And let your best be
for your friend.
If he must know
the ebb of your tide,
let him know
its flood also.

For what is your friend
that you should seek him
with hours to kill?

Seek him always
with hours to live
For it is his
to feel your need,
but not
your emptiness.

And in the sweetness
of friendship
let there be laughter,
and sharing of pleasures.

For in the dew
of little things
the heart finds
its morning
and is refreshed

KAHLIL GIBRAN 1883 – 1931


6 thoughts on “DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

  1. hehe… Well Laird…I throw away those little bits of parsley or mint too.. (Ron eats the parsley haha).  Believe me… I don\’t serve the food like that at home on a regular day… just dresses it up for the photo that is all.  hehe… 
    I bet you are looking forward to your son and his families return.  Is this your first grandchild?  Or if you have others how many.  It is so nice to be a grandparent… all the fun without all the responsibility.. hehe…
      As to your blog… I think it does matter… but we can only do  so much.    I do the absolute best I can on all the "issues" going on out there… and then try to enjoy life too.  When people post things.. I read… I learn…. I take what they have to say and see how it or if it applies in my life.  But then..I do it on a personal level.  So keep posting the things that are important to you… you may not always see how it does affect others.  And the poem today is beautiful.  Vallerie

  2. I\’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately.  I despair at times.  Of course, I never know if I can even believe what I am reading or what I see/read in the news today.  Sadly … I\’m wondering \’Where do I go for the truth these days?\’  I usually feel like I\’m getting somebody\’s VERSION of the truth.  So … I am putting aside the non-fiction for a bit and picking up some old favorites (Dick Francis up next) … in the dew of little things … 🙂
    For in the dew
    of little things
    the heart finds
    its morning
    and is refreshed
    Beatiful!!  Thanks for the snippet.  I hope your heart soon finds its morning and you are refreshed enough to continue educating the uneducated (moi).  You keep on typing away … I\’m listening.

    Hello, I stepped in here before a few times, this poem make me want to say thankyou, it help me understand what friendship is. Good day! Mei
    ps: got few little bit not sure though!

  4. yes, Cindy, you are always getting someone elses version. Seek always your own truth.

  5. Hello Laird!
    All the way from Malta!Just to thank  you for your comment.Have just come back from Australis & that is a land of all walks of life & different cultures!Will be settling back there preety soon with all my family-should be a good experience & help my kids to mix with different cultures & just let destiny fall into it\’s right pattern.Australia is a land of wonder.Amazing how all nations around the world intergate rather well together there!There are people & there are others,but overall it\’s a good place to live & bring up your kids.

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