A letter from the front – June 1944

Dear All,

I suppose the events of the last week or two have somewhat shaken you, and I am sorry that I could not have given you some indication of what was transpiring. If you have seen the film "Next of Kin" you will perhaps forgive my silence and realise it was of the utmost importance that strict secrecy was kept about this operation.
Do you remember those long exercises in Scotland when I used to say that we were just doing ‘hardening’ training? – ell we were actually on Combined Operations, rehearsing ceaselessly for the much-vaunted ‘Second Front’. As far back as August 1943 we were told that our Division had been selected for the task.
A couple of weeks ago we were informed that the ‘Day’ was close at hand, and carried out a final rehearsal in the English Channel. Everything went like clockwork, and on the night of the 5th June we left the shores of England, and the following day were in France. We had little opposition on the beaches and were soon on our way inland. We hit quite a bit of trouble inland, but we soon showed Jerry how ‘decadent and soft’ we British had become. There is no doubt in my mind as to who is on top now.
I am in perfect health; the French are very glad to see us and try to make us as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately the Germans stripped them of almost everything, and food is quite scarce. We give them chocolates and biscuits, and they are pleased to receive them.
I have been in contact with the Germans for the first five days we have been in France, and have had very little sleep, but nevertheless morale is high. The lads have done a very good job, and earned quite a reputation for themselves.
I hope to get some letters soon. Mail is arriving out here and I am looking forward to receiving some from you.
Don’t worry about me – I’m ‘in the pink’. Write soon and often, and remember me to all my friends in Sketty.
Cheerio for now,
11 June 1944.




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  1. And I wonder where is Harry now? It would be interesting to know…….
    have a great week-end.

  2. Hmmmmmm interesting actually awful sentence structure in my previous comment, but I’m sure you understood it. Why? Because you are K L E V E R !

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