Oh Canada !

Canada Day, one of Canada’s most important holidays, it is celebrated on July 1st each year. It honours the day that the British colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada became united as one country, called the Dominion of Canada. Canada Day is very much a Family Day with outings, picnics and celebrations of the birth of the nation. Lots of flags waving, fireworks, parades, patriotic singing, and especially family picnics.
A survey published at the weekend found that more than half of them would not be granted citizenship on the basis of their knowledge of their own country. According to the Ipsos Reid poll, 60 % of Canadians would fail the citizenship exam, a necessary step for immigrants to be granted citizenship.
However, 70 % of newcomers scored a passing grade when administered the same quiz. "Immigrants to Canada have accumulated more knowledge about the workings of the Canadian government, key moments in Canada’s past, and the geography of Canada than the general Canadian public." In 1997, only 45 percent of respondents failed an identical test, indicating that Canadians’ knowledge of themselves also appears to be sliding.

To pass the test participants had to correctly answer 12 of 21 questions on Canadian history, politics, culture and geography.

This is no criticism of that country, just made me wonder how many Brits could pass a citizenship examination?



4 thoughts on “Oh Canada !

  1. Same thing here in America … wonder how I\’d do?  Hopefully better than most but considering my retenttion of things I\’ve read in the last ten years … remembering things I learned in High School seems remote at best.   *grimace*

  2. My thoughts exactly, how many people of any country could pass a citizens exam. I think the percentage would be not be great at all. That’s my useless bit of responsive information for the day; I must now buzz off and get some work done. But before going let me also so thank you for the newspaper article/link; I read it with a heavy heart.

  3. Hi, doll!  I just posted something similar on my place a while ago.  Maybe Americans need to take one.  I am not convinced that would change anything, but, honey!  I feel we need help over here!  Hmph!

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